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Top 10 Ways To Decorate When You Are Pretty Much Broke

Many of us have been there. You are strapped for cash, but still want to have a space that you can be proud of. When you don’t have a lot of extra money to throw into beautifying your home, never fear! We are sharing our top 10 ways to decorate when you are pretty much broke. (Or in our case, when you really just love to save money!)


1. Change Things Up With Paint
Whether you are trying to give a room an updated look or makeover an old piece of furniture, paint is probably our favorite (and the easiest) way to make a big impact without spending a ton. And if you are really strapped for dough, check out the mis-tinted paint section of your local home improvement store for a bargain.

Scoop Chair Makeover
scoop chair 4

2. Thrift
This is kind of a given, but there are so many amazing items waiting to be found at thrift stores. The prices are cheap and many times you can find furniture items, lamps and decor which you can easily updated by using tip #1.

Glazed Herb Planter
Glazed Herb Planter 1

3. Use A Pallet
There are probably 750 million ways to use a pallet when decorating. The possibilities are endless, pallets are free, and you could end up with a cool piece of furniture or some fun wall art with just a little time and energy.

Pallet Coffee Table
Pallet table 13

4. Upcycle
Sometimes there are items that end up sitting around our houses just waiting to be used and upcycling is a great way to breath life into an unused piece by giving it a new purpose.

File Cabinet Turned Garage Storage
File Cabinet Garage Storage 1

5. Use Paper
Using paper ranks up there close to paint, especially because it is sooooo cheap. There are so many fun decorations you can make using paper, such as wreaths, banners and even silhouettes.

Simple Silhouettes
Fall Piano Decor

6. Get Creative With Storage
Storage boxes and baskets can get pretty pricey. Make your own on the cheap using boxes covered in fabric or wrapped in jute rope.

Boxes Into Baskets
Make a Custom Basket Liner

7. Shop Your Own Home
Sometimes items can be moved from one area and end up working better in another part of the house. If you happen to have art work or furniture pieces that maybe just don’t quite go with what you have going on in one room, test it out in another to see if it goes better.

Entertainment Stand Dresser
Entertainment Stand Dresser 5

8. Embrace Garbage
One man’s trash is another’s treasure, so don’t be afraid to grab that cool looking end table or chair that someone else has thrown out to the curb. (Check out the ultimate garbage picking kit!)

Reupholstered Curbside Chair
Vanity/Workspace 1

9. Host a Swap Party
This is a fun, free way to get rid of things you no longer want or need and get a few new treasures for yourself.

Host a Swap Party
Reupholstered Bench 6

10. Utilize the Dollar Store
Your local dollar store is a great place to look when hunting down ideas for home decor. Plus, if you aren’t a huge fan of their existing items, many pieces can be DIYed into some beautiful.

Budget Friendly Glass Hurricane
Glass Hurricane 1


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  • Chloe Crabtree

    Some good and thoughtful ideas here. I find paint is the ultimate decor changer. We moved into a ‘new to us’ home in May and we finally got the public rooms painted and I can say, it looks like a brand new house. Paint can transform objects or rooms so easily! I am sharing this over at FB and Twitter and pinning. I would love it if you would stop by and share at Celebrate it Sunday, I think my readers could benefit from your tips! Happy Fall, Chloe

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