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Budget Friendly Glass Hurricane

When I saw these pretty {glass hurricanes} a couple of years ago from Williams Sonoma (priced for a pretty penny), I knew that I could find something similar for a lower price. At the time, I jumped on {Pinterest} and did a quick search. Luckily, I found {this tutorial} from the blog Decorating Cents to make a hurricane inspired by the same Williams Sonoma version for a lot cheaper using dollar store supplies. I ran to the closest store and grabbed everything I needed to start putting them together. Since this was such an easy (and cheap) project, I shared it with a few friends at the time and one of them even ended up using her budget friendly glass hurricane as her wedding centerpieces.

Glass Hurricane 1

After a last minute project fail this week, I was scrambling to come up with something to share and thought back to those glass hurricanes. I headed to the dollar store and unfortunately, my store no longer had the exact same supplies I had previously used. (Imagine a small tear running down my cheek at this point.) So, I had to improvise.

Here is the new and improved tutorial and the best part is that it only costs two bucks, less than what I paid before, assuming you already have glue at home. Cha-ching!

You will need:
1 glass vase
1 glass candlestick holder
Gorilla Glue (or Epoxy)

Glass Hurricane 2

The instructions are so easy. Just glue your glass candlestick holder to the bottom of your glass vase and let it cure per the gluing instructions.

Glass Hurricane 3

Presto! One super cheap, yet elegant glass hurricane.

Glass Hurricane 4

Can it really get much easier than that? Pop in your favorite scented candle and you are done. I think these would also look great with a monogram etched on them or as a way to display treats or candy at a party. How will you embellish your glass hurricanes?


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