Garbage Picking Kit

It’s no secret that Erin and I drive around on garbage day hoping to snatch up some wonderful treasures. With spring cleaning season approaching, it is time to prepare. There have been many times that I have found something curbside that I just can’t resist, but don’t have the tools I need to bring it home. That’s when it hit me, I need a garbage picking kit to keep in my car. This project may not be for your “Average Joe”, but if you are a garbage picker, dumpster diver, Craigslist purchaser, garage sale hunter or storage locker auction goer, then this kit would be right for you.

Garbage Picking Kit

Since I am out searching the side of the roads for discarded items, I obviously don’t have tons of money to throw away on a garbage picking kit. That’s why I jazzed up an old shoe box and shopped at the dollar store and found everything I needed to assemble the perfect pack.

Garbage Picking Supplies copy

1. Wrench – Loosen up any of those tight nuts and bolts with a wrench to help even the largest items fit in your vehicle.

2. Shower Curtain – A shower curtain may seem like a silly thing to include in this kit, but I assure you it makes a great back seat protection cover for those items that just don’t fit in your trunk.

3. Box Cutter – This box cutter comes in real handy when someone else tries to make off with your treasure. (Only kidding.)

4. Rope – Rather than have your friend half hang out of the car to hold onto an unwanted desk (true story), secure it in your car with rope. This way you can drive safely back to your home.

5. First Aid Kit – Fix up any of those cuts and scratches that come with the job.

6. Flashlight – Use a flashlight to shine a little light on the subject. Erin and I probably should have had one of these bad boys along that time we found that old couch with mouse dropping under the cushions. Eww!

7. Gloves – Let’s face it, you are picking up someone else’s trash. Gloves just make sense.

8. Screwdriver – For all of your screwdriver needs, this 10 piece multi-tool will do the trick.

9. Pliers – Use pliers to pull out those sharp staples or nails before you resuce that “well-loved” furniture. This will save the interior of your car from needing that first aid kit.

10. Hardware Storage Box – After removing the screws, nuts and bolts from your find, store them in a hardware box (not pictured above) so you don’t have to search your entire car for them later.

After writing this post, I started to think maybe this sounds like a joke. Well my friends, it is not. I will be keeping my kit in my car all year-round so I am always prepared.

*Before going garbage picking, be sure to check you town’s ordinances. You don’t want to do anything illegal and have the cherries and berries after you.


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