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Neutral Coastal Pallet Flag

If you follow along with us on Instagram then you probably already saw the sneak peak of this fun coastal pallet flag. (If not, come keep up with all of the fun on Erin’s Instagram/Emily’s Instagram.)

Coastal Pallet Flag

A few weeks ago, we found some pallets that were in wonderful condition. Well, wonderful for a pallet. To make this flag, my hubby cut the main boards off of the pallet with a circular saw and then left on a business trip for a week, so the rest was up to me.

Unfinished Pallet Boards

You can see that the boards look a bit shaggy with all of those little splinters coming off of the sides. However, that was an easy enough fix with my little sander. Just a quick once over of the boards had those stragglers running for their lives.

Sanding Pallet Wood

To age the wood, I used a combination of apple cider vinegar and steel wool. After letting the steel wool sit in the vinegar over night, I rubbed what was left of it (steel wool dissolves some in vinegar) onto the wood pieces. If you like to keep your manicure looking pretty, I would also suggest wearing a pair of latex gloves or something similar.

Vinegar Steel Wool Stain

Once all of the pieces were stained, I lined them up and attached them together with a few left over boards using liquid nails. And a cat. Though the latter part of this process is totally optional.

Liquid Nails Boards

To get that coastal feel, I brushed on some gray and white chalk paint mixed with a bit of water and alternated boards.

Whitewash Pallet Boards

And of course, added several starfish that were affixed with hot glue.

Starfish Pallet Coastal

This was such a fun and simple piece to work on and I feel like it totally screams “SUMMER!”

Coastal Pallet Flag


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