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    Paint Colors In Our Home: The City House

    Last week I made the big announcement on the blog that we had moved to the country. Like fields of corn and wheat, in the middle of nowhere, COUNTRY. And that we plan to start a FARM of sorts. There are so many changes coming up! However, in the meantime, I wanted to share the paint colors in our home. You know, the old house, which we now lovingly refer to as the city house.

    Paint Colors in Our Home

    It will probably come as no surprise that our paint colors are very neutral, since I’ve described our home style in the past as a Neutral Modern Farmhouse. What can I say? We love gray, greige and beige because they can work with so many different decor choices.

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    Master Bedroom Paint Update

    I mentioned earlier this past week that we had updated our bedroom with some new paint. I always love a how changing up the paint color in a room can make everything feel so different. We knew we wanted something light and neutral and had initially considered going with white. However, after some internet searching and comparing the positives and negatives of white paint, we finally decided on the new master bedroom paint color.

    New Bedroom Paint Reveal

    When we first moved in, our master bedroom was painted an intense burnt orange color and we kept it like that for several years. Not because we really love burnt orange anything, but because we were not really sure which direction we wanted to go. Plus, if you are anything like us, your own bedroom is put on the back burner to all other home improvements, especially because that is the place were things get shoved to keep company from seeing the mess in your home. *Wink*

    Once we were ready to start changing things in the master, we finally decided on Behr Wheatbread as a calming neutral. Then we moved to Boston. And then we moved back. Hey, we tend to move a lot, or at least we have in the past. Here it is with the Behr paint before we changed things up again.

    Light Swap 8

    I really loved the look we had going in the photo above with the Behr paint and neutral accessories (I’m such a black and white with stripes kind of girl), however the throw pillow on the bed was chewed up by the dog and the cat claimed the striped throw blanket, so those are no longer there. We also switched back to our old nightstands, since our daughter stole the vanity turned desk to put in her shared bedroom with her little brother. So here is the master, albeit small, bedroom with the newer, lighter paint color, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and some other accessories.

    Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

    I know that it is hard to tell from the photos, but the new master bedroom paint color is a lot lighter than it was. The new color is a soft, warm greige, that changes in different lighting, which you can see below in the mirror.

    Ikea Hemnes Dresser Black

    I’ve already shared our dresser on the blog before with it’s awesome drop pulls.

    Black White Dresser Accessories

    This mirror is one I picked up at a thrift store while visiting my sister in NY. I love the curvy black frame!

    Black Framed Vintage Mirror

    Our queen size bed is nothing amazing, although if you were to lay on it, I can guarantee you would sleep well. We are hoping to upgrade to a king in the near future, because, hello… space! The headboard is the Whitney headboard from Pottery Barn and is unfortunately no longer available on their website. Boo. We actually purchased it for a steal on Craigslist about 7 years ago.

    Pottery Barn Whitney Headboard

    The little, faux wood (I think they are laminate) Ikea nightstands were also a Craigslist find. We got them for only $5 each and they have served us well in the years that we have had them, squeezing into tight spaces when our bedrooms have been small. However, we are planning to change them out soon, as well as the cheap-o Ikea lights on top of the nightstands.

    Ikea Nightstand and Light

    So, that pretty much wraps up the master bedroom paint reveal. I know, I know. It was not that exciting (griege can sometimes be a pretty boring color), but having a neutral space to relax in is just what this sometimes stressed out mama needs.

    Metal Headboard Bed White Bedding

    What do you think? Do you prefer simple, neutral painted walls in your home, or you do you like a punch of color to awaken the senses?

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    Script Number Chairs

    Oh my goodness! This past weekend/week have been crazy for us. I have so much to catch you up on, but that is for another post sometime in the future! Did you happen to catch my Spring Fling Home Tour last week? I shared a few rooms in our home, along with some major updates to our kitchen. I also showed our new breakfast nook set up, which included these pretty white Script Number Chairs.

    Windows Wall Decor in Dining Room

    A long time ago, I talked about wanting to replace or paint the cross back chairs we had, but I was lazy busy and have not really had time to do anything to them. And then I happened to stumble upon these white beauties.

    Four White Chairs

    I actually found them at a garage sale for $1 each and for that price, I could not pass them up. Their chippy paint and curvy backs were just screaming my name. Once I got them home, I didn’t really know what I would do with them, since we already had chairs that we were OK with. That is until I saw this photo on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to add some script-y numbers to the white chairs.

    White Chairs Garage Sale $1

    The process to add the numbers was pretty simple and one that I had never tried before. I purchased some transfer paper from the craft store and got to work.

    Script Numbers and Graphite Paper

    The font I used for the text was Edwardian Script (I did not trace the first little curl on the letters) and I printed the numbers out onto regular ol’ printer paper. After cutting each grouping out, I placed the printed paper over the top of the transfer paper and attached both to the backs of the chairs with some painter’s tape I had on hand.

    Tracing Paper Transfer To Wood

    Next, I traced over each of the letters and numbers with a Jurassic World pencil. Unfortunately, I could not find a small enough paint brush for this project, so I improvised and used my handy-dandy Jurassic World pencil to also “paint” on the numbers with black acrylic paint. I just dipped my pencil tip in the paint, let it dry, then dipped it again into wet paint and started to go over the text. It wasn’t maybe the easiest of processes, but it wasn’t too hard either. I just had to keep dipping back into the paint.

    Paint With A Pencil

    I feel like the text turned out so pretty and delicate on the chairs. It is not a perfectly stenciled image and certainly looks more hand drawn, but I think that it brings a certain charm to each seat.

    Script Numbered Chairs

    And using the transfer paper may be my favorite new way to get text/images onto a painted or wood surface. (I’ve tried many techniques before, most of which worked wonderfully. See links below.)

    White Dining Set Windows Wall Decor

    I love adding text to decor. What do you think? Do you enjoy a number here or there? Maybe a favorite word or saying? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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    Holiday Card Display

    Each month, we typically take part in a challenge where we have to create a gift for someone from a randomly selected item to be used in the project. This month, the group opted out because of holiday commitments, but I still wanted to share this Holiday Card Display that I came up with. Everyone needs a place to display their holiday cards, right?

    Holiday Card Display

    To make the holiday card display, I used:

    • Plywood (approximately 8.5″ x 13.5″ piece)
    • Chain (3 ft.)
    • Cup Hook
    • Saw Tooth Hanger
    • Paint
    • Paint Brush
    • Freezer Paper
    • Printer
    • Spoon
    • Paper Clips

    Chain Wood Card Holder

    I started by painting the plywood (a scrap piece my hubby had cut down for me) with white chalk paint. I love the matte finish of chalk paint and it seems to cover with only 1 or 2 coats. Plus, it dries fast. “You can never have too many things which save you precious time” I always say. OK, I don’t really say that, but it sounded good. *wink*

    White Paint Brush Sign

    While that dried, I grabbed some freezer paper (possibly the best kept craft secret ever!) and followed this tutorial for an image transfer from Little Bit Funky. The Season’s Greetings design is my own which I whipped up just for this project.

    Season's Greetings Sign

    Next, I added the cup hook to the bottom side, as well as a saw tooth hanger to the back so I could easily attach it to the wall. I placed the chain on the cup hook then hung the whole thing up on the wall. Ta-da!

    Christmas Card Display

    Finally, it was time to add some cards. We’ve only received a couple this year (please send cards), so I opted for some colorful printable cards from Miu Creation to adorn the card holder. Each was easily attached with a paper clip.

    Christmas Card Holder

    Not too shabby, huh?

    Christmas Season's Greetings Card Holder

    This is going to be such a fun way to corral all of our Christmas and holiday cards! I can’t wait to see all of those pretty smiling faces staring back at me when I walk past!

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