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Vanity/Workspace Reveal

Back in March, I shared my old vanity that we re-purposed into a nightstand/desk. Since, the original post, we’ve refinished a lovely chair, painted the lamp base, and added some hidden storage to help the area function as more of a workspace.

Vanity/Workspace 1

I love this quiet little corner of our bedroom. It is just perfect for writing blog posts, designing graphics and printables, and also a great place to set a glass of water and a book at night when I go to bed.

Vanity/Workspace 2

The drawer is usually kept fairly clean, thanks to the paper tray and clay dish that help corral loose items. I keep things in here I use often, like the alphabet stamp set, planner and EJD calendars, camera charger and wicked awesome gold scissors. Some people may not keep weapons in their nightstand, but you’d better believe I will cut someone if they break into my house. Just kidding. Kind of.

Vanity/Workspace 3

Vanity/Workspace 4

On the top of the desk, I use this cute candle holder to catch paint swatches, extra pens, tags and a cluster of flash drives. (Am I the only one who has way too many of these?)

Vanity/Workspace 5

You may also remember when we raised our bed up several inches by adding deck post finials to the frame. This has been a huge help, since we can now store a ton of stuff underneath that would not have fit there before. Plus, it is nice that the printer can be hidden from plain view, but is still easily accessible.

Vanity/Workspace 6

Since we obviously can’t store every office-type supply and craft item in this area of the bedroom, we do have an armoire downstairs allocated for all of those items that aren’t used quite as often.

Vanity/Workspace 7

I’m so happy with how this space turned out. It’s OK to be a little jealous of it. I know I would be.

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