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Dining Chairs Update

When you have chairs that look like this…

Dining Chair Makeover 1

You know they are in desperate need of a make over. I was so embarrassed to even have anyone at my house. I was tempted a of couple times to move these chairs out of my kitchen and bring in others while entertaining, but thought my friends have kids too, so they would understand. Right?

Recovering the seats was my initial plan, but I thought painting them may be a better solution to my messy kid problem. (Sure, I blame it on the kids, but I have been known to spill a drink or two myself.) This way I could just wipe them down when dribbles happen. Here’s the process I went though to make this change.

First, I removed the seats, cushions, and covers from each chair.

Dining Chair Makeover 6

Next, I applied primer and a couple coats of white semi gloss paint, and waited for all of that to dry. For this process, I just used a good ol’ brush. No fancy spray paint here.

Dining Chair Makeover 2

Dining Chair Makeover 3

Finally, I reassembled the chairs. They may not be quite as comfy as before, but they will look prettier longer.

Dining Chair Makeover 4

What do you think? This was just a quick and easy update to my disgusting seat cushion problem. I am really excited about this new change.

Dining Chair Makeover 5

Do you have messy kid problems too? If so, how do you solve them?

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