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Hosta Wreath

This project didn’t go exactly like I had planned it.

As a part of the ProFlowers All Year Wreath Project, I wanted to create a wreath that was beautiful and smelled amazing. My original idea was to make an herb wreath. I was off to a good start with a grapevine form and homegrown rosemary, mint, basil, dill and parsley. What I did not take into account was the weather. I harvested my herbs and started assembling the wreath. Within 5 minutes, it looked like this:

Hosta Wreath 1

I hadn’t even finished and it was already wilted and gross! I guess 85 degree temperatures and super humidity are not conducive to herb wreath making. Lesson learned.

Well, I didn’t let that failure stop me. I attempted 3 other types of wreath that just didn’t give me that look I was going for either. At that point, I was about to give up. I had made 4 ugly wreaths and 0 good ones. Then, my brilliant husband suggested using hosta leaves. Genius!

Hosta plants aren’t exactly scarce around our home, so this was going to be as easy as pie.

hosta wreath 2

Hosta Wreath 3

To assemble this wreath, I took my grapevine form (you know, the same one I used for my lavender wreath and spring moss wreath) and started sticking the hosta leaves into it.

Hosta Wreath 4

I figured out pretty quickly, that using the smaller leaves gave a better result. I went around the circle layering different color leaves on top one another to give some dimension.

Hosta Wreath 5

I continued to do this until the entire form was covered.

Here you have it folks, my super duper awesome herb hosta wreath. Simple yet beautiful.

Hosta Wreath 6

Even though it doesn’t have that terrific scent I hoped for, I still think it looks pretty good.

What type of wreaths do you use to decorate your home?

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