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Hardware Change-A-Roo

Fun title, right?

I’m a hardware nut. I love looking at hardware, whether it be furniture pulls or knobs, and I can always imagine how changing things up with new pieces, or even paint, can make a huge impact. Especially, when it comes to outdated or uber popular pieces that everyone has. Take for example our Ikea Hemnes dresser.

Changing Drawer Pulls 1

We bought this in 2009 and it has traveled with us around the country through 3 moves. Yeah, it has some dings and nicks, but honestly, it has held up exceptionally, and possibly better than a few of our more expensive pieces. Here is what it looks like straight from the store…


We knew when we bought it that we wanted to add a bit more interest and make it have it’s own look. After a some searching through stores and the internet, we came across some beautiful drop pulls from Van Dykes Restorers and we were sold. (Some of our favorite places to find hardware include Van Dykes Restorers, Anthropologie, Hobby Lobby, Restoration Hardware, and House of Antique Hardware.) We ordered them right away, installed them the day they arrived and haven’t looked back since. Aren’t they lovely?

Changing Drawer Pulls 2

It’s like a facelift for furniture. I love how such a simple project made a common dresser look a little bit different than what everyone else may have. It just seems to kick things up a notch, a la Emeril Lagasse.

And just to keep things real, I thought I would include a photo of what happens while I’m trying to do blog stuff. All I wanted to do was take a picture. Here, you can see me in the mirror, standing on my bed amidst a pile of junk I pulled off the top of my dresser. Those are my kids in the bottom left hand corner fighting playing with each other like kids typically do. Good times, I tell ya!

Changing Drawer Pulls 3

In the meantime, who else is obsessed with hardware?


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