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French Lettered Milking Stool

During a casual family walk through our neighborhood last summer, I stumbled upon this abandoned milking stool laying curbside.

Milking Stool 9

I picked up this solitary discarded gem and brought it home. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it the moment I first laid my eyes on it. Paint it white and add french lettering to the top. Finding time in my busy schedule to give it a makeover, didn’t come as easily.

One year later, this lonely little guy still sat in my basement. He was just craving modification. On Wednesday, of this week, I decided I should address his needs.

Frist, I used wood filler to adhere the seat back together and allowed for it to dry.

Milking Stool 3

Next, it was priming time.

Milking Stool 4

Then, once it had dried, I slapped on two coats of semi-gloss white paint with a brush and allowed plenty of time to cure.

Milking Stool 2

After that, came the hard part. The french lettering. I printed a wonderful typography image from Graphics Fairy and exercised the same technique used by Erin for her chalkboard lettering post.

PicMonkey Collage stool

1. I rubbed chalk on back of image.
2. Using a ball point pen, I traced the letters.
3. Then, I removed the paper and I was left with a chalk copy of the image on the seat.
4. I used black acryillic paint and a flat tipped brush to go over each letter and design.
5. After I finished painting, I went back and evened the edges. (This picture is before I straightened the lines out.)

What can I say, Erin hit the nail on the head with this method. Love the results!

Milking Stool 10

To finish off this project, I applied a couple coats of polycyclic to the stool to add some durability.

Milking Stool 13

It’s exactly how I had pictured it and all I needed was one old stool, one year, one perfect french image from Graphics Fairy, and one sister with a genius approach.

Milking Stool 14

Have you ever tried this technique for transferring an image? How did it work for you?


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