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Script Number Chairs

Oh my goodness! This past weekend/week have been crazy for us. I have so much to catch you up on, but that is for another post sometime in the future! Did you happen to catch my Spring Fling Home Tour last week? I shared a few rooms in our home, along with some major updates to our kitchen. I also showed our new breakfast nook set up, which included these pretty white Script Number Chairs.

Windows Wall Decor in Dining Room

A long time ago, I talked about wanting to replace or paint the cross back chairs we had, but I was lazy busy and have not really had time to do anything to them. And then I happened to stumble upon these white beauties.

Four White Chairs

I actually found them at a garage sale for $1 each and for that price, I could not pass them up. Their chippy paint and curvy backs were just screaming my name. Once I got them home, I didn’t really know what I would do with them, since we already had chairs that we were OK with. That is until I saw this photo on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to add some script-y numbers to the white chairs.

White Chairs Garage Sale $1

The process to add the numbers was pretty simple and one that I had never tried before. I purchased some transfer paper from the craft store and got to work.

Script Numbers and Graphite Paper

The font I used for the text was Edwardian Script (I did not trace the first little curl on the letters) and I printed the numbers out onto regular ol’ printer paper. After cutting each grouping out, I placed the printed paper over the top of the transfer paper and attached both to the backs of the chairs with some painter’s tape I had on hand.

Tracing Paper Transfer To Wood

Next, I traced over each of the letters and numbers with a Jurassic World pencil. Unfortunately, I could not find a small enough paint brush for this project, so I improvised and used my handy-dandy Jurassic World pencil to also “paint” on the numbers with black acrylic paint. I just dipped my pencil tip in the paint, let it dry, then dipped it again into wet paint and started to go over the text. It wasn’t maybe the easiest of processes, but it wasn’t too hard either. I just had to keep dipping back into the paint.

Paint With A Pencil

I feel like the text turned out so pretty and delicate on the chairs. It is not a perfectly stenciled image and certainly looks more hand drawn, but I think that it brings a certain charm to each seat.

Script Numbered Chairs

And using the transfer paper may be my favorite new way to get text/images onto a painted or wood surface. (I’ve tried many techniques before, most of which worked wonderfully. See links below.)

White Dining Set Windows Wall Decor

I love adding text to decor. What do you think? Do you enjoy a number here or there? Maybe a favorite word or saying? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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