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Numbered Counter Stools

These stools are another curb find. I attempted to sell them at 2 different garage sales and there were no takers. After our last sale, I brought them into the house and my son loved being able to sit at the counter to “help” make dinner. Their original look didn’t match anything in our home, so I opted to give them a makeover to match our {dining table.} I also decided to jump aboard the numeral infatuation train my sister is conducting.

Counter Stools 1

First, I sanded them and I sanded some more. Once I thought I might be done sanding, I sanded them one last time. Next, I primed the legs.

Counter Stools 2

Then, I gave them two coats of latex paint. To keep the legs bright white, I draped the base of the stools with a plastic drop cloth.

Counter Stools 3

After that, I stained the seat with Minwax Special Walnut.

Counter Stools 4

Using the same technique Erin used in her {Numbered Wooden Crates,}Β  I painted a 1 and a 2. Finally, I slapped 4 coats of Minwax Water Based Polycrylic on the seats. Yeah! Now they go with the rest of the kitchen!

Counter Stools 5
What do you pick up off the side of the road?

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