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Pet Food Canister

While I was browsing the web the other night, I came across these awesome {pet food canisters} from Ballard Designs. They are super stylish and much cooler than a dog food bag to store Fido’s food in. I especially love that they have a lid to keep everything dry and fresh. I do not love the price tag. Ouch! $55-$59? For that price it would make more sense for us to leave the food in the bag or make our own version. Of course, I chose the latter of the two.

Pet Food Canister 1

My first thought was to go see if I could snag one of those white food grade buckets from the grocery store, but unfortunately, I found out when I got there they no longer give/sell them to customers. So, I stopped at the thrift store on the way home and, luckily, found this popcorn tin for a buck fifty. Woot! I knew that it would work perfectly to make my Ballard Designs inspired pet food canister.

Pet Food Canister 2
I started off by spray painting the popcorn tin black and actually ended up doing about four thin coats to get everything covered.

Pet Food Canister 3

Next, after a little deliberation, I nixed the chevron pattern of my inspiration, even though I love it, and opted for stripes because they are so much easier to work with. Using painter’s tape, I taped off sections down the sides of the tin.

Pet Food Canister 4
Then, I used a Spouncer Stencil Brush (which I also found at the thrift store) to apply white paint.

Pet Food Canister 5
Once everything as dry, I removed the tape and had an amazing pet food canister of my own for less than $5 and very little time.

Pet Food Canister 6
This thing even has the Golden Retriever seal of approval. And that means a lot in this household.

Pet Food Canister 7


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