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Easy DIY Apothecary Jars

As I continue to work on the finishing touches to my {Half Bathroom Remodel}, I developed a NEED for two apothecary jars for storing Q-tips and Cotton balls. My budget for such a specific storage option was right around $0.00, so I had to get creative.

apothecary jars 4
Looking around my house, I didn’t find much. I remembered my sister had given me some different glass containers last Halloween to use as decorative specimen jars. After digging around my basement, through the bin of Halloween costumes and decor, I came across a gorilla costume. I put it on and scared my kids, just a little. Then, I was back to looking for those glass pieces.

Well, I only found one and it wasn’t going to work for this, which made that a giant waste of my time and this story a giant waste of yours. I am sorry for that. Then I went in the garage, looked in the recycling and under a lot of other recyclable materials and found glass a salsa jar and a pasta sauce jar. I felt like a pirate finding buried treasure. I knew these were going to be perfect.

apothecary jars 1

First, I gave them a bubbly bath to help eliminate the odors they were sharing with me. Next, after they were dry, I painted the lids and two knobs I had left over from another project. Using paint I had on hand, multiple coats were added to eliminate the streaks.

apothecary jars 2

Then, my three year old and I screwed the knobs on tight to the top, center of the lids.

apothecary jars 5

After that, he thought it would be fun to use the screwdriver to scrape the paint off my freshly painted lids, and it was. My apologies, for not taking a photo of this.

Finally, I re-painted the lids and knobs to cover all of our scratch marks.

apothecary jars 3
There you have it folks, diy apothecary jars that cost nuttin’. These simple jars make a great storage addition to any room.


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