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Packing a Carry On

I just came home from visiting one of my best friends in Atlanta and I wanted to share what I packed in my carry on tote for my flight. Who doesn’t like to see the inside of someone else’s bag?

Packing A Carry On 1

I’m a planner, so it seems like every time I’m getting ready to do something, I’m writing lists and going over my options. Having all of the items I might need at arm’s reach is really reassuring when I’m cruising at 35,000 feet off of the ground. (My flight was a short, domestic one, so packing needs for other types of flights may vary.)

The Tote

Packing A Carry On 2

1. I don’t have any fancy pants kind of bag that I use. I believe that I bought this big ol’ purse at Target a few years ago and it has been used for a little bit of everything. Diaper bag. Beach bag. Laundry bag. Just kidding on that last one, but you get the point. Find something that is reasonably sized and has pockets and multiple compartments inside to store all of your loot.


Packing A Carry On 3

2. Wallet & ID – This is a given, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it. My wallet holds all of my important items, like my license, credit cards, extra cash and change. Don’t forget your passport if you are traveling internationally.

3. Keys – Wouldn’t want to be locked out of the car or house when coming home from a trip!

4. Hand Sanitizer – I’m not the world’s biggest germaphobe, but I do know that airplanes and sickness can go hand in hand. A little cleanliness never hurts. (This was originally packed with the rest of my liquids in another carry on bag with my clothes, toiletries, etc.)


Packing A Carry On 4

5. Scarf – An extra layer that can be used as a makeshift blanket or pillow in a pinch.

6. Sunglasses – I rarely go anywhere without them. They are perfect for those times when your seat mate thinks that having the window shade open during the middle of the brightest afternoon ever is a great way to get a tan. Also, they can double as an eye mask of sorts when you want to take a snooze.

7. Wipes – Perfect for cleaning off tray tables, mopping up spills and freshening up.

8. Wisps (Toothbrush and Paste in one) – Quickly gets rid of “sweater mouth” caused by the re-circulated plane air.

9. Lip Balm – Again, to help combat the dry air on the plane.

10. Extra Hair Ties – Can you ever really have too many?

11. Pain Medication – Just in case of a headache.


Packing A Carry On 6

12. Water Bottle – To fill up after I go through security and keep me hydrated during the flight.

13. Clementines – Sweet snack. (For domestic flights only.)

14. Gum – Helps with all of that ear popping.

15. Almonds in Snack Bag – Washable and reusable dry snack storage. Tutorial coming soon!


Packing A Carry On 6

16. Magazine – I love to read something light during takeoff and landing when I can’t use electronics.

17. Notebook & Pencil/Pen – Great for doodling or making more lists. I prefer the latter of the two.

18. Ear buds – Used with my iPhone.

19. iPhone and Charger – Music, movies, games, the Internet and my boarding pass all on one tiny, little device.

So, that’s what is in my tote. Is there anything extra that you would have included? Excluded? Let us know in the comments below!

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