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    Printable Menu Planner & Grocery List

    I’m a huge fan of planning. EVERYTHING. My life kind of goes into a tizzy when things aren’t planned out. Especially, when I’m in a crowded grocery store with a rambunctious toddler and I have no grocery list. Yeah, that totally stresses me out. And then I can’t think straight and I just end up launching things into the cart, all willy nilly, in the hopes that I get at least something we need.

    Grocery List In Action

    So to help me keep my sanity, I designed this simple printable menu planner & grocery list. Aren’t they cute? I just fill in everything I we are going to eat for the week on the planner, then write the corresponding ingredients for each meal on my list.

    Want to be organized too? You can get the free pdf link by clicking the images below. Please download the file to ensure proper print sizing. When printing, make sure that Page Scaling is set to “Fit Printable Area” and Borderless Printing is selected.

    Food Organization Blue Food Organization Green

    Grocery List Blue Grocery List Green

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    Industrial Numbered Storage

    Update: We have now had this Industrial Numbered Storage hamper for over 5 years and it is still working out great for our needs!

    As our style has evolved over the years, we have found that we end up with items in our home that we no longer want to use. Take, for example, this laundry hamper deal-i-o. It had been great for laundry, but we have acquired other hampers for dirty clothes. So, this piece was banished to storage. I even thought of donating it, but decided to work some DIY magic. A little time and creativity turned it into amazing Industrial Numbered Storage.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 1
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    You see, our little guy is growing quickly and we needed something to contain his never ending supply of balls. Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, you name it. I really liked the look of these industrial baskets with liners from Restoration Hardware. After a little brainstorming, I decided to grab a canvas drop cloth and get to work.


    First, I consulted the sewing guru (AKA my step-mom). Just for the record, I’m not great with a sewing machine. She thought it was best to disassemble the original liner and use that as a pattern for the new one. Genius, right?

    Industrial Numbered Storage 2

    If you want to get the look without all of the sewing, here is a similar canvas rolling laundry hamper. Then just add the painted number!

    I decided it would be quicker if I folded the bottom piece into quarters. I placed it onto a piece of craft paper and traced around the edge to create a template. Then I made sure to leave a little room around the curved edge for seam allowance.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 3

    Next, I attached the template to the drop cloth (also folded into quarters) with pins and cut around the curved portion with pinking shears.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 4
    |Canvas Drop Cloth Fabric|
    I also made a template for the main body of the liner, attached it to the drop cloth, and cut it out.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 5
    Then, it was time to start sewing. I lined up the edges of the large piece and sewed them together with the right sides facing each other, leaving an opening on the top and bottom.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 7
    Using my pins, I joined the right sides of the main piece to the bottom circle.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 6
    And sewed them together. This part was a total pain in the booty!

    Industrial Numbered Storage 8
    For the top of the liner, I folded the edge down inside a couple of inches and hemmed it to keep it from looking rough and unfinished.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 9
    To make the little straps which would hold everything up in place, I cut out small rectangles from the drop cloth and sewed them up to make little pouches.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 10
    After that, I stole the velcro off the original liner…

    Industrial Numbered Storage 11
    And attached it to the finished strap pieces.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 12
    Then, all that was left was to connect the straps around the top of the liner.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 13
    To keep the look of my original inspiration piece, I printed and cut out the number 3 and traced it onto the side of the canvas.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 14
    Finally, I filled it in with some black acrylic paint and I was done.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 15
    Doesn’t it look pretty good? We are really happy with the end results and it has been the perfect spot to stash all of those random balls.

    Industrial Numbered Storage 16