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    Numbered Counter Stools

    These stools are another curb find. I attempted to sell them at 2 different garage sales and there were no takers. After our last sale, I brought them into the house and my son loved being able to sit at the counter to “help” make dinner. Their original look didn’t match anything in our home, so I opted to give them a makeover to match our {dining table.} I also decided to jump aboard the numeral infatuation train my sister is conducting.

    Counter Stools 1

    First, I sanded them and I sanded some more. Once I thought I might be done sanding, I sanded them one last time. Next, I primed the legs.

    Counter Stools 2

    Then, I gave them two coats of latex paint. To keep the legs bright white, I draped the base of the stools with a plastic drop cloth.

    Counter Stools 3

    After that, I stained the seat with Minwax Special Walnut.

    Counter Stools 4

    Using the same technique Erin used in her {Numbered Wooden Crates,}  I painted a 1 and a 2. Finally, I slapped 4 coats of Minwax Water Based Polycrylic on the seats. Yeah! Now they go with the rest of the kitchen!

    Counter Stools 5
    What do you pick up off the side of the road?

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    Range Hood Makeover

    This month marks the four year anniversary that we have lived in this house. When we moved in, it was like traveling back to 1984, the year the house was built. We are slowly making updates to bring it to present time.

    Our kitchen has changed the most. The cabinets were originally stained oak, in need of updating. First, I decided to paint them green. I didn’t hate the green, but it did look like Dr. Seuss lived here. A year later, my grey obsession took over and I repainted them. We had the grey for two years and were ready to brighten things up, so once again I got out my rollers and brushes and this time painted them white.

    With white cabinets and black appliances, my 1980’s almond colored range hood suck out like a sore thumb. After doing a little research, we decided spray painting it was the best option for us.

    Vent 2

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    I was very hesitant to spray paint in the house, as I had never done anything like this before. So I tried to remove it. After about 2 minutes, I could tell that was not going to happen. I took a little break, gave my self a pep talk, and tried to erase the thought of black over spray all over my bright white cabinets out of my head.

    Then, it was back to work as I cleaned, lightly sanded, and wiped off all dust on the vent. I covered literally everything near the hood with a plastic drop cloth, secured by painters tape.

    Vent 4

    Vent 5 vent 3
    After spray painting a couple coats, I removed the drop cloth to reveal my pretty hood.


    Ain’t it purdy? Now if only I could figure out what to hang on the wall between the hood and stove. Any ideas?

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    The Garage Files

    File Cabinet Garage Storage 1
    The garage files? No, what I meant was the filing cabinet in the garage. You see, I had this old filing cabinet, just sitting around, not being used for anything. (I bought it around the same time I purchased {the dry erase board turned chalkboard.}) For years, I had no idea what to do with it, so there is sat, collecting dust.

    At one point, I even tried my hand at stenciling in an attempt to spiffy it up and you can see how well that worked out. Oops.

    File Cabinet Garage Storage 2
    But then I came across {this} on {Pinterest} and I knew that there was still a future in store for my little metal organizer.

    I started out by giving it a good wipe down to remove the dust. And cobwebs, which don’t really go well with anything except Halloween decor. Next, I removed the drawers and sent them packin’.

    File Cabinet Garage Storage 3

    Stripes are pretty cool and I knew I definitely wanted to put a stripe on my cabinet, but I also wanted to include some type of text. I figured “clean up” was pretty motivational for garage organization, so that’s what was printed on a large waterproof label. The problem was that I didn’t realize that the label I had just printed out on my inkjet printer was actually for a laser printer. Oops #2. The ink attached itself to everything my hands touched, as I struggled to cut it out. Smudgy Smudgerson.

    File Cabinet Garage Storage 4

    However, I didn’t let a little ink stop me. On went the painter’s tape and the sullied words.

    File Cabinet Garage Storage 5

    Using semi–gloss white paint, I carefully brushed over the words, being mindful of the tape edges. After a bit, everything was dry. When I removed the tape and letters though, I found that the paint had leaked through (under?) and messed up my cute wording. Oops #3.

    File Cabinet Garage Storage 6

    So I used a handy dandy craft knife to carefully peel the excess off. It actually worked pretty well.

    Then, my hubby helped attach four casters to the bottom, which would make it much easier to move our new garage storage around.

    File Cabinet Garage Storage 7 File Cabinet Garage Storage 8

    As simple as this project should have been, it ended up being a big pain in the rear because of all the little Oopsies. Luckily, they were able to be recovered, for the most part. (Sorry drawers. Enjoy your new life on the curb.)

    The best thing about this project is that it was F-R-double-E. Free. In the future, we may add some sort of dividers along the top to help keep things more upright, but we are happy with how it turned out for now.

    File Cabinet Garage Storage 9

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    Patio Makeover Part 3: The Final Reveal

    Adam and I have been working hard on our patio furniture, and we can finally say we are finished. That means it’s time for the Patio Makeover Part 3: The Final Reveal. Yay!

    These little white tables were more curb finds. After a little spray paint, they work perfect with the love seat and pallet table.

    patio makeover 3-4 patio makeover 3-5

    Making the cushion and pillows for the love seat has kept me extremely busy. I am a fairly experienced sewer, so I was completely surprised and embarrassed when this happened. I guess it is true what they can, “Measure twice, cut once.”

    (Cushion) Too Big.

    patio makeover 3-1

    (Pillow) Too Small.

    patio makeover 3-2

    Finally, just right. Yay!

    patio makeover 3-3

    We love out “new” patio furniture. It’s so nice to have a relaxing outdoor space to hang out.

    patio makeover 3-6