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Sometimes It’s the Little Things

Whenever I get a free chance, I am still trying to work on our playroom. It really is coming close to being finished. I just had lost a bit of my motivation and I finally feel like I might be getting back on track.

I have already shared a lot of the larger projects like:

But now it is time to share some of the smaller projects that still contribute big impact to the room.

1. This friendly dinosaur, named Frank (I just made that up) was an unfinished piece I came across while shopping at JoAnne Fabrics. Combined with their famous 40% off coupon, this guy was a great deal.

Dinosaur 1

I knew spray-painting him orange would give me the pop of color I was looking for. Isn’t he adorable?

Dinasour 3

2. Mind puzzles can be extremely hard to solve. So what do I do, I take a few of my husband’s apart and stain them the color of my choice. Then ask him, oh so kindly, to reassemble each one. Luckily, I have a pretty awesome husband that accepted my challenge and put each and every piece back in its’ rightful place. (THANK YOU, Adam!)

PicMonkey Collage mind puzzle


mind puzzles3

I love the way these intricate brainteasers look. Perfect for our playroom!

Mind Puzzles 4

3. If you follow me on Instagram, then you may remember seeing this picture of fun garage sale finds featuring a floating shelf I purchased for $1.

foating shelf 2_edited-2

You can’t really beat that price, right? I brought it home and touched up a few dinged spots on it with some wood filler and painted over it to make it match the rest of the shelf.

My touch ups made this shelf look like new! We are so happy with the results!

Floating Shelf and Mind Puzzles

Well folks, that’s all I have for today. Hopefully one of these days I will be able to share the full playroom reveal with you, but until then, toodle-loo!


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  • Rachael

    Hi there! I just stumbled upon you & your blog while browsing some of the thumbnails in the I heart naptime Link Party Palooza! I, too am working on our playroom! Slowly, but surely, project after project, I will have it done! Working with fun & bold designs for the walls and can’t wait until its ready to show! Love your style & can’t wait to start reading more… Take care, Rachael

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