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DIY Hanging Snack Basket

I shared earlier this week my thoughts and feelings on both of my little men attending preschool this year. In that post, I gave you a sneak peak of a DIY hanging snack basket I had created to make the transitions to and from school go a little smoother. This snack station will be kept near our front door to give myself easy access to snacks for the boys on the way out or in.

Back to School 5

Here is how I made it.


1 Small cardboard box
X-acto knife
Elmer’s glue
Paint brush
1 Old book

First, I cut three flaps off the top of the cardboard box. This left me with just one flap left to make the handle.

Hanging Snack Basket 7

Haning Snack Basket 6

Next, I used a pen to sketch a handle on the remaining flap and cut it out with an X-Acto knife. I did this processes very carefully as X-Acto knives can be really sharp and I didn’t want to lose any fingers.

Haning Snack Basket 5

Haning Snack Basket 4

Okay, here is where the project went wacky.

I thought, hey it would be so awesome if I made this cardboard box look like it was made out of planks of wood, but not actually use wood for it. Well, once again, I was wrong. I used craft paper and used a tool to make wood grain on the paper and glued it to the box. It was an odd color, but I thought “hey I will move on with it anyways.” When I stained and polyurethaned the box, the paper started to bubble up and looked really bad and the color did not improve. Bummer!

PicMonkey Collage plank box

It was time to scratch that idea and move on. My first attempt was a fail, but I was able to salvage the box to push forward to make something really cute. Plus it made the final project more sturdy.

I decided that covering the box with just about anything would be an improvement. After giving it some thought, I chose book pages.

First, I ripped out pages from an old book. This book had been well read and had lived a great life. It was time to give it a new purpose.

Next, using a solution of Elmer’s glue and water I brushed the glue on the pages and attached them to the box. To give the design interest I rotated the pages to where some were facing right-side up, upside down and sideways.

Haning Snack Basket 10

I continued applying book pages until the box was fully covered.

Hanging Snack Basket 12

Finally, I added this really cute chalkboard tag I won in a giveaway from Little House Of Four. It was the perfect touch.

Hanging Snack Basket 2

Leaving the house with my two preschoolers can sometimes be a fight, so this hanging snack basket will be extremely convenient to just grab a snack and go. Love how it turned out too!

Back to School 5

We would love hear any tips and tricks you may have that make the school mornings go a little smoother.


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