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Dollar Store Scarf Wreath

I had just checked out at the dollar store, and as I was walking toward the door, I noticed some interesting scarves that kinda look like a rope of garlic. I was having a hard time picturing someone wearing one as a scarf but I had so many other ideas for these chains of fabric . My favorite idea was to make a holiday wreath.

To make the wreath, I used two dollar store rope like scarves (only one is pictured), one embroidery hoop, and my hot glue gun (not pictured).

Scarf Wreath1

First, I separated the embroidery hoop.

Scarf Wreath2

Next, I wrapped one scarf tightly around the center portion of the hoop. Only the ends of the scarf were attached to the ring with a hot glue gun.

Scarf Wreath3

Then, I covered the rest of the ring with the scarf. There was a little leftover that I trimmed off with scissors.

Scarft Wreath 4

Finally, I hung the wreath with a strip of red wool.

Scarf Wreath5

It’s always fun to decorate for the holiday season and this wreath has a simple look that would go with just about anything.


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