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Knit Vases

Warm up your holiday decor with these cute knit vases!

knit vase 3

I have a few unfinished knitting projects our grandmother was working on before she went into the nursing home. Grandma did teach me to knit. As you know, practice makes perfect and well, I didn’t practice. So instead of trying to finish her work, I decided to combine these pieces with a few of her old canning jars to make some cozy holiday vases.

knit vase1

First, using a rotary cutter, I cut out sections to fit around the jars.

knit vase2

Then, the knit fabric was wrapped around the jars and secured with safety pins. I knew the backs of mine would not be seen, so I sort of haphazardly placed my pins. If yours will be seen, you may want to hide thems a little more or use a hot glue gun instead.

knit vase 4

Finally, I filled my vases and was done. It only took about five minutes from start to finish!

knit vase

I love that I was able to find a use for these special hand knit pieces that would otherwise have just sat in a box in my basement. If you do not have your grandmother’s unfinished knitting projects and want to make these vases, there is no need to worry. You can achieve this same snugly decor look with an old sweater.



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