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Easy DIY Easter Basket

April is here and Easter is rapidly approaching. Do you have Easter baskets for you kids yet? If you are looking for an easy DIY version, check this out!

Easy DIY Easter Basket 7
Way back in November, I was shopping for Halloween clearance items at Michaels and they had large boxes marked “Grab Box $2”. I am always searching for project inspiration and who knew what was in those. So, me being me, I purchased five boxes.

The entire ride home, it was driving me crazy that I didn’t know what was is those boxes. Once I got home, I rooted through each of them and found a lot of junk, a few treasures, and oodles of inspiration.

There were eight of these Halloween popcorn buckets I just knew I could do something fun with. So, as I was searching for Easter basket ideas for my boys, I remembered those buckets and decided they would be perfect. I found this fun chevron wrapping paper at the dollar store that screamed Easter to me. I picked up a roll, went home, and started working.

Easy DIY Easter Basket 2
First, I cut the wrapping paper to fit, allowing for the curves and tapper of the bucket.

Next, the paper was glued to the bucket with a regular old glue stick.

Easy DIY Easter Basket 3
Then, I poked two small holes in the basket, on opposite sides from one another.

Easy DIY Easter Basket 1
After that, I fed rope through the holes to create a handle.

Easy DIY Easter Basket 4
Finally, I tied knots at the ends of the rope and dabbed them with a little hot glue to be sure they wouldn’t unravel.

Easy DIY Easter Basket 6
Tada! Here it is! I love it! I am excited to make a second, that way both of my boys will have one. Don’t worry, if you can’t find a Halloween bucket to make one of these, you can easily use any old popcorn bucket or sand bucket.

Easy DIY Easter Basket 5
Stay tuned to see a few fun things to give in your Easter Baskets. How are you preparing for Easter? Leave us a comment we would love to hear!

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