Keep It Clean: Weekly Cleaning List

I’ve heard that it is now officially Spring, but here in the Midwest, we are still dealing with freezing temperatures and snow. What the what? You heard that right. I am so ready for some warmer weather that will let us play outside, go for bike rides and enjoy the fresh air without out our lungs freezing in the process.

Did you know that spring cleaning can help you deal with cabin fever?

It’s true. I read it on the Internet. Anyway, I figured that since Emily whipped up a great Spring Cleaning Checklist, that it was only appropriate to share a general daily/weekly cleaning list to go with it and help you keep your home spick and span all year long. Check off items as you complete them and fill in other tasks to customize the list to your own personal needs. In addition, our annual calendar will help you keep the rest of your life organized.

Weekly Cleaning List

Download this printable from THE GALLERY.


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