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Revamping The Breakfast Nook

You’ve probably heard that one of the least expensive ways to make a big impact on a room is to change up the paint. And it is totally true! It is amazing how a gallon of latex paint and a little time can make a not-so-great wall color fabulous. Take our breakfast nook for example. Here she is showing off her new coat. (Color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.)

Breakfast Nook 1

And here is what she looked like before the makeover.

Breakfast Nook 2

Not that I have any problem with the yellow and burnt orange walls (no judging here,) but the colors did not really match our style or taste. To each their own, right?

I love how the new paint color brightens the room, yet now has a more soothing effect than the previous ones. It could be considered the perfect greige!

Breakfast Nook 3

Here are a few other views from the room. Don’t be scared though. Quite a few things are still on the to do list.


Breakfast Nook 4


Breakfast Nook 5

Ahhh… That’s better.

Breakfast Nook 6

Here’s some of stuff that we still would like to change…

Breakfast Nook 7

So, have you had any experience with the awesome paint color, Revere Pewter? Any thoughts on some cool budget-friendly, industrial lighting? We would love to hear from you!


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