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Spring Moss Wreath

Three years ago, I held a woodland themed baby shower for my darling sister, Erin. The decor incorporated a lot of natural type items like, logs, sticks, and moss. After the shower, I returned the wood back to its rightful home, the great outdoors, but I had an abundance of moss leftover that I had purchased at craft stores.

I came across the large bag of assorted moss the other day in my basement, and decided now was the perfect time to do something with it. So, I chose to make a welcoming, spring wreath for our front door.

Spring Moss Wreath 4
For the base of the wreath, I used a grape vine form I had purchased at a garage sale. Do you remember the lavender wreath I shared last summer? Well, this is that exact wreath form.

First, I covered the form with moss mat by spreading it across the vines and tucking the edges in.

Spring Moss Wreath 5
Next, I layered floral moss and reindeer moss on top to add some different colors and dimension.

Spring Moss Wreath 6
Then, I hung it on our front door with burlap. I added a few moss rocks to the wreath and stood back with disgust. I hated how this looked! Yuck!

Spring Moss Wreath 3
When I have a creative crisis, the first thing I usually do is call Erin for help. That is exactly what I did. Through a series of text messages, and trying about everything we could think of, we eventually came up with the perfect combo.

Here are a few of the failures I tried. The first one was a bit more glitzy than I was going for.

Spring Moss Wreath 2
In the second photo the keys look more like a pair of scissors than they do a pair of antique keys.

Spring Moss Wreath 10
I was so desperate to get this wreath right, I even attempted taking advice from a two year old. Yo ho, let’s go!

Spring Moss Wreath 1
After all of those ideas, I was feeling a little discourage. Erin suggested that I maybe add a few sticks or twigs to it. Genius! I grabbed a few from another grape vine wreath and inserted them into the wreath I was working on.

This was looking so much better, but wasn’t quit perfect yet. It was still missing something.

Spring Moss Wreath 9
That’s when I remembered, I had a cute little butterfly that I inherited when our grandmother passed away. I don’t know the significance it had to her, if any, but she always kept it in her jewelry box. Once it was in my possession, I had been doing the same. So, after retrieving the monarch from my box of jewels, “that’s what my 4 year calls it,” I placed it on the wreath and it was like magic. The wreath finally looked complete.

I am so happy with the final result of this wreath. Our Grandma’s butterfly, adds such a special touch that makes it the wreath that much better.

Spring Moss Wreath 8
Erin thinks it still needs more, but I told her “no.” Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


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