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    Create a Simple and Functional Command Center

    With both of my kids in school this year, it was finally time to figure out some sort of organizational system for all of our paperwork. Not that we aren’t organized normally. However, with two rugrats bringing home enough paper to equal half of a rain forest worth of trees, we needed something that would keep everything in check. Enter the command center…

    Create a Simple and Functional Command Center

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    Over the years, I have seen some pretty amazing command centers.

    These spaces are usually centrally located in the home and contain everything needed to keep the household running smoothly. Stuff like calendars, clocks, chalkboards, bulletin boards, binders, folders, files, menu planners, and the list goes on. I knew that I didn’t have room for all of that business (just a tiny wall in our kitchen). So I had to figure out how to create a simple and functional command center in a small space.

    To cover the basics, I ordered all of our main command center pieces from Ikea. (Ikea didn’t compensate us for any of this; we just really liked the price and how the pieces came together.)

    Command Center Organization Station

    Our calendar is something I whipped up and had printed as an engineering print (18″x24″) at our local print shop. I placed it in a large Ribba frame (19 3/4 x 27 1/2) with the mat. We can write all of the important stuff we have coming up on the front of the plexiglass and erase it with ease. Hopefully, this will keep us from forgetting dance or soccer practice and all of the things that we need to be available for.

    Dry Erase Calendar

    I’ve included the PDF file for the calendar, in case you would like to print your own. Click the image below to get yours now!

    All of our printables are currently FREE for download for personal use only. (View Terms of Use.)

    Calendar Printable

    To organize all of our papers and bills, I ordered the Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack. Each of the kids gets one slot for important school papers. The rest are designated for bills, other mail, and etc., which holds blank paper for note taking and a weekly calendar for menu planning.

    Hanging File

    I placed a cork board (painted with white paint to make stripes) in another smaller Ribba frame so that we can hang up any little bits of fun or info we have until we can file them.

    Painted Cork Board

    All of the colored dry erase markers are corralled in a small canning jar, along with a few extra pencils, and placed on the counter for easy access.

    Marker Pencil Holder

    This little wall in our kitchen has turned out to have a huge impact on our family organization and I am feeling a lot less anxiety with this system in place.

    IMG_8807Do you have a family command center? How do you keep organized during the school year? We would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below!

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    Wood Box Caddy

    Wood Box Caddy

    It’s March 15th, which means that it is time to share our Monthly Home Depot Gift Challenge post. Last month, Emily showed you how she used copper fittings, combined with other supplies, to make an Industrial Book Rack. This month’s challenge item was a wooden dowel and the project was supposed to be a gift for a child. After a little brainstorming and chatting with my sis and hubby, I decided to make a Wood Box Caddy that could be used as an Easter basket for my kids.

    New graphic
    This challenge is in no way associated with The Home Depot. We just love their stuff!

    Since we have two kids, I obviously had to make two caddies. I bought our boards and wooden dowels from The Home Depot and they cut everything for me while I was there. Behold the wood!

    Wood Box Supplies

    These caddies are pretty easy to whip up, so if you have minimal wood working skills, do not fret. You can do this!

    To make one wood box caddy you will need:

    • 1 – 1″ X 4″ furring strip (cut into 3 – 12″ pieces and 2 – 7.5″ pieces)
    • 1 – 1″ Wooden Dowel (cut to 12″)
    • Pencil
    • Drill with 7/8″ Spade Bit
    • Electric Sander or Sandpaper
    • Wood Glue
    • C-clamp
    • Hammer
    • Finishing nails

    To start, figure out where the hole for the the dowel will go in the two 7.5″ end pieces and mark it with a pencil. Use the drill with a 7/8″ spade bit to make a hole in each end by lining up the tip of it with the mark on each board and drilling through. Lightly sand any rough areas.

    Drill Wood Holes

    Lay out the 5 boards of the box. Apply wood glue to the edges that will be meeting up by following the guide below.

    Board Placement Gluing

    This caddy is basically one 12″ bottom piece that is sandwiched between the other two 12″ boards on the sides. The 7.5″ end pieces are placed on top of the bottom piece and also in-between the side boards with all of the ends lined up.

    Glue Wood Box

    Assemble the pieces together and use a c-clamp to hold them in place while the glue dries.

    Clamp Wood Together

    Is this thing reading like stereo instructions? Stick with me. We are almost there.

    Insert the dowel through one side of the caddy and add some glue to both ends. Then push the dowel into the second hole and make sure the ends are flush. Wipe away any excess glue.

    Wood Dowel Caddy

    Finally, secure the sides of the caddy with some finishing nails.

    Wood Box Caddy Nails

    I decided to get crazy and paint both of these caddies white with some chalk paint. Just kidding. I tend to paint everything white. *wink*

    Chalk Paint

    Aren’t they purdy? I’m so excited for the Easter Bunny to deliver some goodies for the kids in these. The best part is that once the holiday is over, the kiddos can use these for a multitude of purposes. Matchbox car holder? Check. Nail polish storage? Check. These will be perfect for toting things around the house.

    White Easter Egg Caddy

    Oh, and I can’t forget the wrapping! As part of the challenge, this gift was to be wrapped in an item also from The Home Depot. Since these will be used as baskets and set out on Easter morning, I didn’t want to hide everything inside, so I decided to go with a clear plastic drop cloth and a lovely white bow. Cute, right?

    Easter Gift Caddy

    Like how we tackled this challenge? Head on over to check out all of the other awesome projects involved by clicking on the images below!

    Image Map
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    Weekly Calendar Printables

    Younger siblings can be so annoying sometimes. You know how they like to nag and bother you, right? My sister has been asking me to make a weekly calendar for her for weeks like I have nothing else to do. Well, being the good big sister that I am, I finally conceded, just like the time I actually played Barbies with her for a few minutes, instead of just decorating the Barbie dream house. The things we do for our family…

    Weekly Calendar 1
    Just kidding. I was glad to be able to help Emily out, even if it took me awhile to actually fit it in my schedule. Sorry, Sis! Her vision for a weekly calendar was one that had enough spaces along the left side so that she could fit all of her family’s names in. Then, she could write each person’s schedule into the corresponding spaces on the days of the week. With the extra spaces, she says she may even include a dinner section for meal planning.

    Weekly Calendar 2
    I also made another weekly calendar with more vertical spaces. In case you have a larger family. Or you like lots of boxes to write in. Whatever suits your fancy. Personally, I think I would use this one to organize my week by time intervals running down the left side. 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, etc.

    Weekly Calendar 3
    Regardless of which one you choose, the design is simple, yet efficient for keeping your life a little more organized.

    These printables are free of charge and for personal use only. Download this printable from THE GALLERY.


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