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    Pretty & Practical Command Center

    You guys! I don’t know why it has taken me a year to get a command center set up in our home. Well, actually that is a lie. The reason is that I have been really non-committal on the location of such a thing. However, it has finally happened! Thank goodness! We are the proud owners of a Pretty & Practical Command Center.

    Pretty Functional Command Center

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    I kept thinking that a nice and big command center on the wall of the laundry room would be great because it is out of view of the main areas of our home. Plus, the hope was that we would see it every day as we went in and out of that room to do laundry or to go into the garage. I’m here to tell you that our garage is still packed full of junk that we need to either organize or get rid of, so I avoid it like the plague. And the laundry, well, I just hate doing it, so… this command center was relocated to our dining room. Which, by the way, is smack dab in the middle of our home.

    Command Center Supplies

    Requirements for this space were simple. We needed a calendar to keep track of our family’s busy schedules and a place to sort and store all of our paperwork/mail. Oh, and it needed to be clean and simple. I can totally appreciate command centers with chalkboards, pencil holders, pin boards, artwork, key hooks, and magnet boards. That just not my style though, folks. I like to keep things as uncomplicated as possible.

    When I’m trying to put together a gallery wall type scenario, I like to lay all of the pieces out on the floor for visual reference.

    This saves me time and I don’t usually end up having to put unneeded holes in the wall. (I know my husband appreciates that!)  You can see below that I have the calendar (originally from Hobby Lobby),  paper organizer (which we used in our previous home), and vintage clipboard.  I added the wood script word “hi” (also from Hobby Lobby) to balance the grouping.  Oh, and since I was working around the light switch, I just took it off of the wall to see how everything would fit.

    Lay Out Gallery Wall Pieces

    After I was happy with the spacing, I used my trusty Ryobi Laser Level to square things up on the wall.  This was a Christmas present from my parents and it has been such a wonderful tool to use!  I made my marks and hung up the paper organizer.


    For the clipboard and wood script word, I used Command strips. These seemed like the easiest way to hang up these lightweight items. (Bonus: No Extra Holes in the Wall!)

    Command Strips

    I also loved these metal label holders that I found and decided to add them to the front of the paper sorters. A little super glue later and they stuck like gum to hair. You know you how hard that is to remove!

    Metal Label Holders

    I’m so excited to get the paper clutter and bills off of our countertops!

    Command Center Organization

    Oh, and I wanted to clarify the clipboard. I love clipboards because they can be so multi-functional. No, really! Use it  to hang up some fun free art prints (this one is from Magnolia Market Blog.) Or paint it with chalkboard paint and write a list right on it. You can even use the clip to hold extra pens, pencils, or chalk. I plan on eventually printing out our weekly schedule of activities that remain the same from week to week.

    Magnolia Market Printable

    It may be a bit late in the post for this, but I should mention that I actually hate the term “command center.” It sounds so militant. However, that is what these little areas where we organize the chaos of our lives are called, so I’m reluctantly embracing it. Doesn’t it look pretty good?

    How To Create A Pretty Practical Command Center

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    DIY Your Own Window Treatments

    May was a crazy month around our house! And you may have noticed my lack of blog involvement. But no worries. I’m back! With the exception of a couple of dance recitals this weekend, our crazy time has normalized. I’ve been saving this post for awhile and am excited to share how you can save some dough if you DIY your own window treatments

    DIY You Own Window Treatments

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    Curtains and rods can get pretty pricey, depending on several factors.

    The size of the window, the number of windows, and the materials you use definitely make a cost difference. If you only have one window to worry about, then maybe sticking to a budget isn’t the highest priority.  However, dressing multiple windows at once is a good way to put you in the poor house if you are not a millionaire.

    Drop Cloth Curtains

    I have a couple of super, budget-friendly curtain ideas. First, is the trusty ol’ canvas drop cloth. You can get them in almost any size and they look like linen, so that is a bonus. 9′ x 12′  drop cloths are really cheap when you consider that you can get two large curtain panels by cutting them in half. I think I paid around $15 per drop cloth at Menards.

    Drop Cloth Curtain Ruffle

    Second, I love to use basic white twin flat sheets as curtains. I snagged some from Walmart for $5 each for our bedroom. For our living room, I had an extra king flat sheet in storage and decided to cut and hem it. Don’t they look great!?! So for about $10 you can have a set of curtains for one window.  Score!

    White Curtains from Sheets

    Adding a wooden dowel to existing curtain rods can extend their length for only a few dollars!

    As for saving money on curtain rods, I came up with this handy trick. We bought basic black curtain rods that were just too short for our larger windows. After a little brainstorming, I decided to buy a wooden dowel rod ( our was 7/8″ x 48″) and paint it with black chalkboard paint.

    Easily Extend Curtain Rod

    The color was pretty much on point and after adding it inside of the existing rods, we had super long curtain rods for only a fraction of the cost we would have paid for something bigger!

    Lengthen Curtain Rod

    If you have extra money in your draperies budget, you can always snag some ring clips to hold the curtains up.  Or, you can just cut a slit in the end of each top of the sheets and create a pocket to run the curtain rod through!

    Budget Friendly Curtains

    You may have noticed that all of our windows have wood blinds on them as well.  This is because our curtains are more decorative than functional.  We have electric baseboard heaters and will have to have to curtains up and out of the way during the cold season. Ugh.

    Anyway, I hope this little insight into how to DIY your own window treatments encourages you if you are looking to dress up your windows without breaking the bank. I love how curtains can soften a room and if you hang the rods high, they can even make a room look bigger!


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    Modern Farmhouse Decor Finds

    If you’ve been around the blog for awhile, you probably know how much I love my modern farmhouse decor. It’s simple and relaxed but still looks oh so pretty. And, since I’ve been sharing a lot more of our home and all of the updates/styling we’ve done, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about where to buy certain items on a budget. I’ve searched around and found some fun pieces you can get for under $100!

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    If you are on a really tight budget, check out my post for more affordable farmhouse decor finds under $40!

    Olive Wreath

    I kind of have a wreath obsession.  I love all kinds of wreaths and this olive wreath definitely hits the mark.  The price is reasonable and size is great.  Plus, even though it looks real, it is faux, so that means it will last!

    Home Sweet Home Doormat

    We own 2 of these doormats! One is at our front door and the other is at the chicken coop entry. They definitely help keep attract mud on shoes and paws, therefore keeping the mess inside to a minimum… Most of the time.

    5 Light Black Chandelier

    This black chandelier is also one that we love.  We’ve had one of these (or a very similar one) in 3 of our last 4 homes.  They are simple, classic, and work with many kinds of decor.

    Numbered Wall Hook

    Aren’t these numbered hooks the cutest? This piece is definitely on my to-buy list! I love how each family member could have their own coat/bookbag hook.

    Enameled Metal Bread Box

    A fun, vintage looking bread box is a great way to dress up any farmhouse style kitchen. And this one has plenty of room to store several different types of bread items (loaf, bagels, etc.) at the same time.

    Windmill Hanger

    Windmills are becoming so popular on the farmhouse decor scene. They have a great rustic, industrial vibe and are a great statement piece for any farmhouse.

    Black/White Tassel Throw Blanket

    What’s not to love about this cozy throw blanket? It is a great way to add a little stripey fun when draped over a sofa and what better way to get snuggly warm than wrapped up in a throw while watching Netflix?

    Boxwood in Cement Pot

    I really feel like boxwoods are such timeless plant. They can look wonderful all pruned to perfection and still seem lovely, even when they are left to their own for a bit. This faux version will not disappoint when adding a little life and greenery to your decor.

    Wire and Wood Baskets

    I always keep my eyes open for pretty and functional storage pieces because who I can always use more storage. These wire and wood baskets definitely do not disappoint! I love to corral like items in baskets like these, such as stacks of books, magazines, or even rolls of toilet paper.

    Which of these items is your favorite? I absolutely love our black chandelier and will definitely be snagging one of those numbered hooks and the throw blanket!

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    More Dining Room Progress

    I hope that you guys don’t mind me sharing little tidbits of our house updates as we do them. We are working with time and on a budget, but it is fun to see the differences as we go along. A lot has changed in our dining room since my last update. We really pushed to get some of the stuff on our list done (i.e. floors) to be ready to host Easter.  And in the past couple of days, we’ve made even more dining room progress!

    More Dining Room Progress

    This room looks so different from when we first moved in!

    Dining Room

    This post contains affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission when you purchase a product from the link. However, there is no extra cost to you.  Read my full disclosure.

    Last fall we found this oak dining table for sale on Facebook for $60 and painted it white. It extends to fit 6 people and fits perfectly in our dining room. I love the spindle-y legs! Right now, it is a bit too bright of a white. At some point, I will repaint it and then distress is a bit. But that is for a later date!

    New Dining Table

    We also recently bought the large rattan chairs. I knew with a white table and chairs that we would need some warmth in this room. After seeing Bre’s dining room chairs (Rooms For Rent), I knew that I wanted a similar look. I found these at Ikea.Wicker Dining Chair

    We still love the script numbered chairs, so they are here to stay. For now. As for the old sentimental windows, I’m still not sure. I accidentally broke a pane out of the one on the left. Should I take the rest out or leave it as it for some added character? ;)

    Script Numbered Chairs

    We also finally put up some drop cloth curtains. I have a few different ideas about how to deal with the length once it gets colder again and we need to use the baseboard heaters. However, I haven’t decided what we will do for sure.

    Drop Cloth Curtains

    Our little coffee bar seems to get moved back and forth in the room all of the time! It is back on the short wall and I added a new dry erase calendar above it to help keep us organized. Eventually, I may add some shelves here and move the calendar to another spot to create a command center.

    Coffee Bar Calendar

    This old table was in our last house for just a bit. It belonged to my great aunt and was perfect for holding some extra items over the holiday weekend. We are still in search of the perfect buffet for this area, but for now, this seems to work!

    Old Table Windows Fiddle Leaf

    Finally, I moved my tea towel kitchen measurements “art” to the wall by the kitchen.  I like how the piece adds a little contrast to this space.

    Tea Towel Kitchen Measurements

    This room is really coming along, but we still have several projects we would like to accomplish in here, including:

    1. Replace outlets/switchplates/thermostat
    2. Do a faux shiplap wall treatment
    3. Touch up the table
    4. Add a buffet
    5. Paint the walls
    6. Put up shelving
    7. Finish trim painting

    However, since the main area is looking pretty good, we aren’t in any hurry. We still have several other rooms that need some lovin’ first, in addition to outside projects (the chicken coop/run, replacing the roof, planting trees/grass, and cleaning up our garage.) We hope you will continue to follow along!


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