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The Placemat Pillow

If you visit this blog very often, then you know that we love a good deal and an easy project. And I’m happy to announce that this post has both of those criteria covered for you. Just like the title states, this is about the placemat pillow. A simple throw pillow made from, you guessed it, a placemat.

Placemat Pillow 1

I found this cool green trellis placemat at Target when I was visiting my sister. (Read more about that adventure here.)

Placemat Pillow 2

To make a placemat into a pillow, use a fabric placemat that has two panels attached to each other. I started by using a seam ripper to create a hole in one corner big enough for my hand to fit through.

Placemat Pillow 3

Next, I shoved a bunch of pillow stuffing inside. (This was seriously the most time consuming part of this project.)

Placemat Pillow 4

Then, using a needle and similar color thread to the original, I sewed the opening closed with a simple stitch. And that was it!

Placemat Pillow 5

These little pillows are so fun to whip up and would make such a great housewarming or holiday gift.

Placemat Pillow 6

So, what do you think? Have you ever made a pillow out of a placemat? Or have you used another method to create a throw pillow that is ridiculously simple? Let us know!


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