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    How To Clean Your Make-up Brushes

    How often do you clean your make-up brushes? You should clean them pretty often because they can harbor bacteria and dirt. Who wants that smeared on their face? If you use them daily, then you should really be cleaning them weekly.

    clean brushes 4

    First, put a small amount of shampoo in a dish or like I did, in the built-in soap dish area. Plug your drain and fill sink with a little cold water. Warm water can soften the glue that is holding your bristles in. And nobody wants to go through the process of cleaning your brushes if you are just going to have to toss them when you are finished.

    clean brush 1

    Dip the end ofΒ  your dirty brush in the water to wet it and then coat it with soap. Gently swirl it around on the edge of the sink or palm of your hand to remove the filth. Continue, until it is free of grime.

    clean brush2

    For your final rise, hold the make-up applicator under faucet, so the water is flowing the same direction as the hair. Holding it any other way can put stress on the shape of your bristles.

    Clean Brush3

    Lightly squeeze from the base to the edge, to remove any excess water.

    Clean Brush 6

    Reshape and lay flat to dry or with end of brush hanging over the counter. Do not stand brush on end. This can cause water to settle in handle and you would be creating a wonderful environment for bacteria growth.

    Brushes 7

    Now how ofter will you be cleaning your make-up brushes?



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    Wall Decal Coasters

    This project was a complete accident.

    In our home and garage, there are typically 3 gazillion things going on at once. I was making a serving tray out of a Rubbermaid platter and it was not going as planned. I had a brilliant idea to add wall decals to it, to give it some pizazz. As I was talking to my sister on the phone, kids screaming in the background, I went to place a decal on the plate. I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing and placed it on a white ceramic tile from another project instead. I loved how it looked and decided to turn it, and a couple more, into beverage coasters.

    Coasters 2

    To make these water mark preventers, I used three white ceramic tiles purchased at Lowes for $0.16 a piece, some cute bird wall decals I found on clearance a few years ago for $2.50, one package of cork squares I picked up for $1.20 with a coupon, and Krylon UV Resistant Clear Gloss Spray bought with a coupon from JoAnn Fabrics for $4.00.

    Coasters 1

    After placing the decals on the tiles, I pressed the birds, from the centers out to the edges, with a craft stick to release any bubbles underneath.

    Coasters 3

    To give the drink coasters a moister resistant finish, I sprayed them with a clear gloss. Yes, my drop cloth is very well loved.

    Coasters 4

    Once dry, they were flipped over. Using my grubby hot glue gun, I attached the cork squares to the back of the tiles to prevent scratching the surface the coasters are used on.

    Coasters 5

    These little babies protect your wood surfaces from evil beads of condensation and would make excellent gifts.

    Coasters 6