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Wall Decal Coasters

This project was a complete accident.

In our home and garage, there are typically 3 gazillion things going on at once. I was making a serving tray out of a Rubbermaid platter and it was not going as planned. I had a brilliant idea to add wall decals to it, to give it some pizazz. As I was talking to my sister on the phone, kids screaming in the background, I went to place a decal on the plate. I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing and placed it on a white ceramic tile from another project instead. I loved how it looked and decided to turn it, and a couple more, into beverage coasters.

Coasters 2

To make these water mark preventers, I used three white ceramic tiles purchased at Lowes for $0.16 a piece, some cute bird wall decals I found on clearance a few years ago for $2.50, one package of cork squares I picked up for $1.20 with a coupon, and Krylon UV Resistant Clear Gloss Spray bought with a coupon from JoAnn Fabrics for $4.00.

Coasters 1

After placing the decals on the tiles, I pressed the birds, from the centers out to the edges, with a craft stick to release any bubbles underneath.

Coasters 3

To give the drink coasters a moister resistant finish, I sprayed them with a clear gloss. Yes, my drop cloth is very well loved.

Coasters 4

Once dry, they were flipped over. Using my grubby hot glue gun, I attached the cork squares to the back of the tiles to prevent scratching the surface the coasters are used on.

Coasters 5

These little babies protect your wood surfaces from evil beads of condensation and would make excellent gifts.

Coasters 6





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