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Apple Candle Holders

My home decor is mainly of the colors black, white, and gray, but Fall always inspires me to add a little warmth into my color pallet. I LOVE Fall. Apples, pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves, and slightly cooler weather; what’s not to love? With this simple centerpiece, I can bring a little bit of that love right to my table.

apples 2

If you need a quick table centerpiece or an easy decoration for a fall gathering you are hosting, then this project is for you. (It may take me longer to write how I made this, than it actually did to make it.)


Level apples

Tea light candles

Sharp paring knife

Plate for displaying apples

Lighter or matches

apples 3
First, cut a circle about 1 inch deep out of top, center of the apples.

apples 4

Next, place the tea lights in the holes, display on the plate, light each candle, and keep away from children.

apples 1

I was originally going to use tapered candles but as I was cutting the holes, I made them a little too big. Thankfully, I had some tea lights that worked in a pinch. What do you like to use for yourΒ  fall decor?



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