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Upcycled Tripod Table

Tripod Table 8

I had been searching everywhere for the perfect table to use as a nightstand in my son’s room. (And by everywhere, I really mean the side of the road and garage sales.) I was looking for something narrow, tall, and with an interesting shape when I came across a basic tripod table. The asking price was a whopping $1 at a yard-sale. I decided it was a fair price, skipped the negotiation step, and went straight for the purchase. I was so excited to have found something so cheap.

Tripod Table 2

When I got home, the first thing I did was check to make sure it fit in it’s previously picked out place. Yay, it did! It was time to get to work! But then life got in the way. Honestly, the table just sat in his room looking kinda sad for a couple of months. We all know how that goes, right?

Once things in my personal life mellowed out a bit, or as much as they could, my vision for this table was pretty clear. I really wanted to give it a plank top.

To achieve the round shape I wanted, I removed the legs from the table. Next, I layed the table face down on the wood planks and traced it with a pencil.

Lucky for me, my sis had been visiting and accidentally left her jigsaw here. I used this fun power tool to cut each piece of wood. You are probably wondering who travels with a jigsaw? Answer: Someone with a DIY blog, that’s who. Or a power tool salesman.

Tripod Table 3

Then, I sanded each plank and stained them with my favorite wood stain, Minwax Special Walnut. Love the color! I applied a couple coats of Minwax Polycrylic to give the table top a little extra durability.

Tripod Table 7

While the planks were drying, the three legs were sprayed with Rust-Oleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze Paint and Primer in One to give them a slight metallic look. At this point in the process, I was already lovin’ the look and excited to see it finished.

Tripod Table 4

For the final step, I used adhesive to adhere the planks to the top. The processes was pretty quick and I left the table over night to dry. In the morning I reattached the legs and the table was ready for use.

Tripod Table 5

Tripod Table 6

I am in love with how this basic tripod table turned out. Much better than how it started.

Tripod Table PicMonkey Collage copy

What do you think?


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