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Horseshoe Plate Holder

Anthropologie is so inspiring. Every time I am in the mall, I have to stop in and get a peak of their amazing home items. During my last visit, something sort of caught me by surprise. I came across some really beautiful plates, but the dishes were not what caught my eye. It was the horseshoe plate stand that really had me drooling. It was a shock to me that my biggest inspiration stemmed from their display and not their product. But I was in love. I had to make one.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 6

This project was super simple. If you would like one of your own, just follow along with me through these easy steps.


– Horseshoe
– Block of wood- 2″ high x 4″ deep x 6″ wide
– Scrap wood- 10″ high x 1/4″ deep x 3″ wide
– 3 Nails
– Hammer
– Your favorite wood stain. – I used Minwax Special Walnut.
– 2 Brushes
– Minwax Polycrylic – or other choice of finish.
– Hand Saw – (not pictured)
– Drill (optional/not pictured)
– 120 Sand paper (not pictured)

Horseshoe plate holder 1

1. I cut my scrap wood to measure 10″ high x 1/4″ deep x 3″ wide. This piece was used as the back support for the plates.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 7

2. Using the 120 grit sandpaper, I smoothed out the edges of the wood. This step helped make the final product splinter free.

3. Next, it was time to stain and finish. I applied Mixwax Special Walnut with a natural brush to both the block of wood and the support piece. Once dry, I used a synthetic brush to give the wood two coats of Minwax Polycrylic.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 2

4. I assembled the plate holder by placing the horseshoe front and center on the block and hammered 2 nails into it to hold it together.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 8

5. Finally, I drilled a hole through the support piece and block to avoid splitting the wood. This is optional. Then I hammered a nail through the pre-drilled spot.

Horseshoe Plate Holder 5

I love this as an accessory in our kitchen. It turned out just as I had hoped. Since I had everything already on hand, the cost to me was $0. I call that a win!

Horseshoe Plate Holder 4

Good luck to you if you try this and let us know if you do. We’d love to see pictures!


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