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Keeping Toddlers Occupied

I am not claiming to be the brilliant person who came up with the genius idea for using a cardboard box as a toy.  Until recently, I had never seen or thought of the idea of giving my kid crayons for coloring inside of a box. Crayons and boxes are two of my son’s favorite things. So combining them together worked like magic. This is such a great way for keeping toddlers occupied.

Step one:
I let my toddler climb into a large, ordinary, cardboard box. (I am not sure why it looks like he doesn’t have feet in this picture, but he does. Two of them.)


 Step two:
He was given a few crayons.


Step three:
I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed my free time.

As expected, he just had the best time playing in there.


To keep the fun alive, the sides were reinforcement with duct tape.


Crayons in a box is such a simple idea. I just wish I would have found this idea sooner.

If you had a box large enough, do you think adults could have this much fun?


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