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We Are Grateful

Where has the year gone? I can’t believe that it is already November, the month of gratitude, but I’m excited for all of the family time we will be getting in the upcoming month. Emily and I are both thankful for all of our amazing readers who’ve welcomed us on this blogging journey. Your support keeps us going and we thank you for that!

I’ve seen friends on Facebook posting things that they are thankful for each day and know that there are gazillion crafts out there in the blog-o-sphere relating to gratitude, so I figured that I would share how our family is expressing our thankfulness this year for all of the wonderful things in our lives.

Grateful 1

Let’s call it the Grateful Frame. It’s basically just a cheap, white Ikea frame with the glass removed. I put in a piece of Kraft paper and then added the letters, which I printed on cardstock and then cut out. Also, some decorative washi tape makes the edges of the frame pop a little.

Grateful 2

The concept is really pretty simple. When one of us thinks of something we are grateful for, we can write it on the paper, creating a fun, interactive family art piece. There is no time limit on when we need to write something. It can be every ten minutes or every other day, whenever we feel like it. I like that there aren’t any restrictions (besides maybe not writing on the frame itself) and even our two year old can add his grateful little doodles.
(Our daughter writing “family” below.)

Grateful 3

Right now it is pretty bare, but I plan on sharing it all filled up once the month is over on Instagram. (Follow me @erinejd.)

Grateful 4

How are you showing your gratitude this month??


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