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Rusty Plant Stand Makeover

I am not sure the original purpose of this piece of furniture. Is it a stool, a plant stand, a one person table, or something else? I do not know. But when I found it sitting at the curb on garbage day, I thought this would make a great plant stand. That’s how my Rusty Plant Stand Makeover all started.

New life for Plant Stand

Once I brought it home, my first mission was rust removal.

Rusty Plant Stand Makeover

I soaked a rag in white vinegar and wrapped the infested sections of the plant stand up with it. This is how it looked after three hours.

Rusty Plant Stand gets new life

The rust was starting to “melt” away, but it took one more three hour wrapping session to rid the metal of the reddish orange coloring.

Trash to Treasure Plant Stand

Next, I grabbed a can of white spray paint and freshened up the legs of the stand. For the top, which by the way is made out of some sort of cardboard composite stuff, I primed it and spray painted it navy blue for a pop of color. Do you like my small drop clothe? It was left over from our Dining Chairs Update.

painted plant stand copy

Lookin’ good!

New life for Plant Stand

This was such an easy transformation. Even if I don’t know what it was suppose to be, it still turned out great! What do you think?

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