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DIY Light Fixture from a Mixing Bowl

As always, I have been leisurely browsing Pinterest and different store’s websites for months searching for inspiration. This time, my goal was to find ideas for a DIY Light Fixture for my oldest son’s bedroom. When I found this industrial beauty from Pottery Barn Kids, I fell in love immediately. I just knew I had to make one. The only question I had was how? The shape of this particular fixture resembled a metal mixing bowl to me. That’s when I put two and two together. Ah-ha! A DIY Light Fixture from a Mixing Bowl. That was a true light bulb moment!

DIY Mixing Bowl Light Fixture
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Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Mixing Bowl Sir Mix A Lot, said “I am tired of magazines, sayin’ flat butts are a thing.” Well Sir in this case, a flat bottom is really the best option. Just sayin’.
Rust-Oleum Spray Paint- The Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic finish is a favorite of mine.
Pendant Light Kit- These kits are great for the price you pay. I chose one with a matching finish to the paint I had picked out for the bowl.

Drill- How else was I going to make a hole in the bottom of a metal bowl?
Rusty Sheet Metal Cutters- The pair I have my dad gave me years ago. Thanks Dad!
Strippers- No. Not that kind of stripper! No “Thunder from Down Under” needed on this project. Come on people, I am talking about the wire strippers that are sold at your local hardware store or on Amazon like these TEKTON 7-Inch Wire Stripper/Cutter.
Your Brain- You’ve got to play it safe around electricity!

Light Fixture Mixing Bowl

First, I drilled three adjacent holes in the bottom of the mixing bowl. FYI, this process is much easier if you flip the bowl upside down first.

DIY Bowl Light

Next, I grabbed my metal cutters and snipped the bottom of the bowl to connect the three pre-drilled holes together. This took a little elbow grease, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Mixing bowl light

Once the hole was big enough to fit the pendant light through, it was time to paint. I gave this cooking accessory a true makeover with three coats of Rust-oleum’s Universal Metallic Spray Paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Mixing Bowl Light Fixture

Then, my husband started stripping. Wires, not clothes. He used the wire strippers to cut and expose the wires from the pendant light kit. This is how we transformed this simple, inexpensive kit from a plug in light to a hardwired fixture.

Mixing Bowl pendant light

DIY Hardwired pendant light

After that, we screwed the pendent kit through the pre-made hole in the dish. At this point it started to look more like a light and less like a painted bowl with a hole.

light fixture copy

Then, we connected the wires from the pendant light to the wires installed in our ceiling.

DIY Industrial Pendant Light

Finally, we attached the fixture to the ceiling and we were done. Yay!

DIY Mixing Bowl Light Fixture

I am so excited with how this turned out! Love the industrial feel the new light adds to the room.


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