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Project Success: Painted Parquet Floors

I have been working on redoing the flooring in our soon to be playroom and my first attempt didn’t go quite like I had planned. You can read all about my failure here.

After the disaster of the white washed parquet floors, I decided that straight up painting it was going to be my best bet.

First, I got to work by sanding the entire space and wiping off the dust. I wanted to remove all of the previous finish. I was hoping that this would fix all of the discoloration problems I had before, but it seems like most of the yellowing was actually seeping up from the wood, not just from the polyurethane I applied.

Painted Parquet Floors 2

(I figured since I was no longer worried about what the floor looked like, I could work on other projects in that room before finishing it for the second time. I’ll share more on those projects in later posts.)

Next, a coat of primer was applied to the parquet. (You can see the yellow color bleeding through the primer on some of the tiles.)

Painted Parquet Floors 6
Then, I mixed up my own paint color and applied two coats of it across the surface for good coverage. This took care of the seeping/bleeding issues. I sanded between each coat and loved how it was looking.

Painted Parquet Floors 4
Finally, I added three coats of Minwax Water Based Polyurethane to give it a durable finish. This worked pretty good, except it left a different yellowish cast on the floor.

Painted Parquet Floors 3
Painted Parquet Floors 5
In some spots I thought it looked like what I imagine dried urine puddles would look like. I was able to sand it down a bit to get a more even look and the yellow was gone. If I were to do it all over again, (which I am not going to do) I would use Minwax polyacrylic instead of polyurethane. This would require me to maybe add a few more coats because the polyacrylic is not usually recommended for floors and this would make it last longer.

Painted Parquet Floors 1
Yay! A floor I can finally live with! It was not exactly how I had planned it. But in the end, it was perfect!


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