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Our Experience with Ardex Concrete Counters

This post by Little Green Notebook on concrete counter tops was the first I had seen of its kind and I was immediately inspired. I knew right then and there that I had to do that! It’s been a little over a year since I originally saw that post and I have finally made over my kitchen counter tops. So today, I am sharing Our Experience with Ardex Concrete Counters.

(2) Ardex Feather Finish Concrete Bags
(1) 1 Gallon Bucket
(2) 1 Quart Measuring Cups
Hand Sanding Block
Sand Paper of a Variety of Grits
(1) 4″ Putty Knife
(1) 10″ Trowel
Supplies not pictured
(1) 1″ Putty Knife
(1) 12″ Taping Knife
Plastic Drop Clothes
Painters Tape
Paint Stirrers

Concrete Counter Supplies

First, I prepped the work area by covering all surfaces except the floor with plastic drop cloths. Our house has such an open floor plan that I even walled off the kitchen with plastic in an attempt to contain the upcoming dust storm.

Kitchen Counter Makeover

Easy Clean up for Messy Project

I also taped all along the wall and edge of the sink. This worked great for keeping a nice clean edge.

Next, 50 grit sandpaper was used to rough up the surface of the preexisting laminate counter top.

Countertop makeover

The old off-white laminate had so many flaws, it really was time for an update.

Countertop Issues

Then, I mixed up water and the concrete powder. The Ardex package calls for 2 parts powder and 1 part water. After trial and error, I concluded that 1.5 parts powder to 1 part water worked best for me.

After that, I applied the toothpaste like concoction to the counters using the trowels, 4″ and 1″ putty knives for the small spaces, and the 12″ knife and 10″ trowel for the larger areas.

Concrete Counter Tape

Here is what it looked like during the first coat.

First Coat of Concrete Counter Top

To mold the edges of the counter I would let the concrete mixture dry a little and form an edge with my fingers while wearing rubber gloves.

Countertop Redo

I let every coat completely dry (there were four coats total) then I hand sanded the dry concrete using 80 grit and 120 grit sand paper.

Hand Sanding

This process was A LOT of work and made a huge mess.

Sanding Concrete

Finally, I used a shop vac to clean up the big grubby mess. This took forever, but I am so glad to rid our floors of little grimy footprints.

I am in love with how these counters turned out! They really are beautiful!

DIY Ardex Concrete Counters Final

Please come back soon and check out the sealing process. I can’t wait to share the rest of this fun DIY with you!

* UPDATE * The Counters are Sealed! Check out the process and see a few tips and lessons I learned along the way!


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