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Mason Jar Paint Storage

We had been stockpiling an assortment of partially-full paint cans and our supply was out of control!Β  Do you know how much room all of those containers take up? I don’t have an exact unit of measurement, but let’s just say a great deal of our precious storage area housed those buckets. In an effort to gain more space, I decided to condense these latex paints into mason jars I already own. This storage method is also much more attractive. Bonus!

mason jar paint storage 7

This is the process I went though:

First, I gathered up all of those half-full buckets. There were actually a few more than this photo shows, but I went ahead a got rid of them. The paint was either dried up or I couldn’t even get the cans open.

mason jar paint storage 9

Next, I located some of our empty mason jars and started the transfer.

mason jar paint storage 3

The pouring went fairly smoothly, but I did keep a few paper towels at arms reach for those moments when things got a little messy.

mason jar paint storage

Then, I used address labels to mark each jar. This way I will know the exact name and brand of each paint color.

mason jar paint storage 6

After that, I created my own paint samples that are a smidgen more detailed. (See photos below.)

mason jar paint storage 4

I punched a hole through them and tied them all together with twine.

mason jar paint storage 5

Finally, I screwed the lids on each jar. Yay! Aren’t they cute?

mason jar paint storage 8

Oh, the room I will save with this adorable paint storage alternative. Do you have any special tricks you use to save space in your own home?



  • The Women of Westwood

    This certainly is much more attractive than sloppy paint cans. Do you think these would hold up being stored outdoors? A few of my sample paints didn’t make the winter. (silly me didn’t even think about bringing them in)

    • Emily

      I probably would not store them outdoors. Paint doesn’t seem to do very well it is freezes and thaws. Thanks for visiting!

  • Kim

    How has the paint in the mason jars hold up? Did the lids stick? Did it dry out? I have so much paint, I LOVE this idea!

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