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I’m always up for a simple and easy way to decorate our home. Somehow though, I tend to take on projects that look easy enough, but end up taking way more time than they should. And time is something that we really don’t want to waste right now. However, I have good and bad news. The good news: today I’m sharing a super easy anniversary art idea with you that pretty much anyone can crank out in no time flat. The bad news: I forgot to wish my parents happy anniversary yesterday. Oops! Maybe I can make up for it by making another one of these for them.

Anniversary Art 1

Anyway, we’ve actually had this same frame with the date of our anniversary in our home for the past 6 years or so. But to share the detail photos, I decided to redo it for visual effect. Honestly, the hardest part of this project is picking out the fonts you want to use. Especially if you are a font-alholic like me!

First, I chose the 3 fonts I wanted to use for my numbers. I used Jailbird Jenna for the 05, Algerian for the 17, and Edwardian Script ITC for the 03. Then, I just centered each on a 5×7 canvas in Photoshop. (Note: You can also do this using another photo editing/graphics program or even with Microsoft word, etc.)

Anniversary Art 2

Next, I printed each of my date numbers out on white card stock. Totes simple. Yeah, I just said “totes,” meaning totally, for all of you who aren’t up on the current lingo of teens and tweens. My 9 year old taught me that.

Anniversary Art 3

Then, I cut the card stock numbers to fit the mat board of my frame and used some washi tape to secure them on the back.

Anniversary Art 4

After that, I just reassembled the frame and it was ready to hang on the wall. Voila!

Anniversary Art5

This idea would be great as a gift for a wedding and could also be used for other important dates, such as birthdays, etc. The best part is that my husband now has no excuse to forget our anniversary, since the date is hanging on the wall in plain sight all year long.

Anniversary Art 6


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