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Last Minute Pumpkin Decorating

(This is a re-post from Oct. 25, 2013.)

This is a post for all of you procrastinators out there. You know who you are. In fact, you and I are not so different. I save most things for the last minute. This is something about myself I am working on, but I can always do that later. Right?

This past weekend, my family and I made an 8 hour journey to Ohio where Erin and I grew up. This was the first time, since starting our blog, that Erin and I had a chance to see each other.Β (More on that later.) While we were there, we visited our uncle’s farm and picked out a few pumpkins to decorate.

Here are a few of our favorite, no-carve, last minute pumpkin decorating ideas:

1. This pumpkin has a black mesh covering. We love the look and better yet, it took all of two minutes.

< pumpkin 3

2. All dressed up and no place to go; this pretty little package was decoupaged with wrapping paper and tied with a bow. Popcorn anyone?

Wrapping Ribbon Pumpkin

3. Tangled in a web of yarn, this pumpkin is the victim. Beware of mini spider pumpkins!

Pumpkin 2

4. Change things up and instead of spooky, try a nautical theme! This pumpkin was painted white. Then we traced a starfish on it, applied glue with a paint brush, and added sand to finish the look. Ahoy!

Sandy Starfish Pumpkin

5. Boo! I know, scary right? (Okay, not really.) Using yarn and dressmaker pins, we created this 3D work of art.

Pumpkin 1

We love our simple no-carve pumpkins. How do you decorate yours?


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