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Kids’ Shared Bedroom

Today, I’m showing our kids’ shared bedroom design board and a few of the other changes that will be happening around here in the near future. You see, recently our kids, who we lovingly refer to as Pinky (10) and Sweet Pea (4), decided that they really, really wanted to share a bedroom. I know, I was surprised too. Shared bedrooms can certainly present a challenge when it comes to decorating, especially when you take the ages of our kids and differing genders into account. They both have their own likes and interests, since Pinky is a tween girl and Sweet Pea is fresh out of toddler-hood.

Here’s what we are thinking of going with:

Kids Shared Bedroom

{sources to come}

After some lengthy discussions with each of the kids, we decided to go with a little bit of an outdoorsy theme. Sweet Pea wanted to have the room reflect his love for the outdoors and Pinky’s only request was to have a mint or light blue/green color in the room. After a little Pinterest searching, we pulled the rest of the elements together, based on items they both liked and stuff we already owned. I was worried that it would be super hard to get them to agree, but they both were open to each others ideas and we’re happy that they will have a room that will be a reflection of them. Yay!

Since the room they will be sharing is not huge (10″ x 12″ I think), we were in need of some furniture shuffling and buying. We decided to grab the Mydal bunk bed from Ikea to save floor space and store their current beds.

Bunk Bed

If you follow me on Instagram (Follow us both! Erin’s Instagram/Emily’s Instagram) you already had a sneak peak at some of the items that we purchased when we made our Ikea trip. Along with the bunk bed, there is new bedding and pillows. Woohoo!

Sadly, Pinky’s desk will not fit in the space, so we are swapping desks, which means she will still have a homework space on the vanity and I will have a little more storage for all of my office/DIY junk. And there is quite a lot of it.

Vanity/Workspace 1 Refinished Desk

We are also bringing up the entertainment stand dresser for the kids to put their clothes in and Pinky’s heirloom dresser will get to stay too. To replace the dresser we had our t.v. on in our living room, we found a new (to us) dresser on Craigslist that we plan on refinishing.

Entertainment Stand Dresser 1 Vintage Dresser Makeover

What is to come of the extra bedroom we will be getting from this deal? I have a secret to share. Our home technically only has 2 bedrooms. Gasp! However, with four people, that can get a bit tight, but we’ve been able to make it work with an extra finished room in the basement that served as a 3rd bedroom. It’s been our daughter’s room and also our room, but we seem to always be changing things up. So, in addition to creating a shared space for them, Chris and I will be moving our bedroom back upstairs and creating an multi-functional area in the basement. Yay!

Hopefully, we can get all of this furniture swapping under control and stay away from having to rent a storage unit to hold all of the extra furniture we now have. Stay tuned to see progress in the kids’ room and find out how we are going to set up our finished basement space, since it will no longer be used as a bedroom.


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