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Super Easy DIY String Paintings

This is a re-post of one of my first projects for Elizabeth Joan Designs. The original content had been erased during our “Accidental Blog Deleting Incident of 2013.” These super easy DIY String Paintings were so much fun to make and are still hanging up lookin’ all cute in my bathroom. This is the type of project I feel anyone can pull off and I wanted to re-share the information with everyone in case you are looking for budget friendly artwork.


I used three separate methods for my wonderful works of art.

For the first painting, I simply wrapped a canvas with string creating horizontal, diagonal, and criss-crossed lines. I took a foam brush and used the string as a guide to paint the canvas.


My second technique was a little bit tricky.


First, I created a stamp by tightly wrapping the string around a block of wood and tapping the ends to the back.


Next, I used a foam brush to paint the home-made stamp.


Finally, I pressed the stamp firmly onto the canvas transferring the string design. I did this six different times rotating the stamp each time. Paint was reapplied in between pressings to ensure good stampage. (That’s a word. Right?)

*When using this technique, do not expect perfection or you will be extremely disappointed. It may take a little practiced to get the exact amount of paint figured out to make each pressing even.


Last but not least, here is how I made my free-hand string printing.


I dipped a long string into my chosen color of paint, carefully placed it onto the canvas, and repeated this several times until I was satisfied with my art. “Carefully” is the key word here for placing it on and taking it off.

*Warning: Haphazard string painting could lead to a mess.


What to you think? I love how these turned out! Cheap, fun and easy. My favorite kind of art!



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