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Five Minute Friday: Coffee Mug Gift Card Holder

Five Minute Friday

Welcome to 5 Minute Friday. This is a weekly post where we share quick tips, projects, and recipes that can all be completed in 5 minutes or less! The topic this week is Coffee Mug Gift Card Holders.

Coffee Mug Gift Card Holder

To make this super easy, adorable, gift card keeper you need wool felt, scissors, paper, pencil, sewing machine or needle and thread.

Make your own GC Holder

First, create a template by drawing on paper what you would like your mug and handle to look like. (I am one of the world’s worst drawers. So if I can do it, I know you can too.) FYI: The mug portion and the handle are separate templates. Make sure you make the mug big enough to hold a gift card and remember to account for seam allowances too.

Coffee Cup GC Holder

Next, cut out your templates with scissors and lay them flat on the felt. Trace around them with the pencil or chalk. You need 2 mug pieces and 1 handle piece. I folded the fabric when tracing the mug section on so I could trace and cut the 2 cup pieces at the same time. When selecting your fabric for this project keep this in mind that the felt I used was fairly thick. If you choose a thinner fabric you will end up with a floppy handle.

5 minute GC Holder

DIY Felt Gift Card Holder

Then, remove the paper and start cutting out your felt shapes.

After that, lay the two mug pieces one directly on top of the other and insert the tips of the handle in between the two pieces.

DIY Gift Card Holder

Finally, sew down one edge of the mug, across the bottom, and up the other side securing the handle in place.

Simple Sewing GC Holder

Trim any loose thread and you have yourself a very cute coffee gift card holder. Happy Gift Giving!

Coffee Cup Gift Card Holders


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