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Chalkboard Succulent Planter

In April when Erin was visiting we went garbage picking together. That particular time, I got caught up in the moment and grabbed several large garbage bags full of cheap ugly baskets and vases. Erin made fun of me for taking these. Rightfully so. It really was just junk. But me being me, I decided to use this as motivation. I was determined to find at least one treasure in these sacks of rubbish. What can I say, I love a challenge!

First, I sifted through the rummage and found this wonderful gem and decided to paint it.

Succulent Planter 1

Next, it was time to choose the color. My love for chalkboards helped determined the fate of this little guy. As far as methods go spray painting this vase was the obvious choice here, but my can was too clogged to use. Instead, I used a paint brush to slap on a few coats of other chalkboard paint I already had. I am really diggin’ the texture left from the brush strokes.

Succulent Planter 2

Then, I primed the newly painted and dried surface with a piece of white chalk by rubbing it all over the vase. This was to prevent my first scribbles from being permanent art.

Finally, I planted a blue chalk succulent in the container to complete the look.

Succulent Planter 4

Too cute! I think this project was a success. (As you can see, I really enjoyed doodling on it with chalk. Maybe a bit too much.)

PicMonkey Collage vases

We’d love to hear how you challenge yourself. Leave us a comment, and let us know!


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