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Organize Your Organized Toys

Alright, I may sound kind of crazy here, but this is a post about organizing toys that are already organized. I know, it sounds nuts, but hear me out.

We have several IKEA Drona fabric bins for toy storage in the playroom. These bins are awesomely huge and hold tons of stuff. When it comes to small toys, it does gets hard to sift though everything just to find what you are looking for. To make our lives easier, I came up with a solution to organize the bins and keep sets of toys together.

Toy Organization 1

Here’s what I did:

First, I sorted the toys and piled like toys and sets together.

Toy Organization 3

Next, I put each grouping into a smaller plastic container.

Toy Organization 4

I stocked up on mine at the dollar store. I bought clear ones, so my boys could see what was inside of them. My two year old loves to pick off stickers, so labeling them was out of the question for us. the bonus is these are pretty easy for the kids to open on their own.

Toy Organization 2

The odd-ball toys that just don’t fit in a specific grouping were placed together in a shoe box sized container.

Toy Organization 5

Then, I organized the tubs inside the fabric bins.

Toy Organization 6

Tada! Now when my little men are wanting to play with Jake and The Neverland Pirates, we don’t have to spend time searching around for the entire crew.

The boys are loving these smaller containers to carry around and are doing a pretty good job of cleaning up after themselves too. I call it a win for everyone!

Toy Organization 7

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