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    Kid’s Tool Belt

    My 3 year old son has recently been playing a lot with his toy tools. Apparently, carrying them in his tool box was too difficult so he started just stuffing them down his shorts and letting the elastic hold them up. He would take two steps, and the tools would hit the floor with a loud bang. I decided to remedy this situation by making him his very own kid’s tool belt.

    To make for a special child in your life, cut one 13″ x 4 1/4″ piece of canvas (or any fabric you choose) for the base, one 7 3/4″ x  3 1/4″ piece for the pocket, two 14″ x 1 1/2 ” pieces for the ties, and two 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ pieces for the tool loops.

    Tool Belt 1

    Then, fold and sew the tie and loop pieces to make straps.

    1. Using a clothes iron, press in half.

    2. Unfold. Then, fold and iron edges to the center crease line.

    3. Fold and press in half again.

    4. Sew along the edges.

    Tool Belt 2

    Take your base section, fold and pin sides under to hide raw edges. Tuck your tie pieces in and sew around the rectangle.

    Tool Belt 3

    To hide rough edges, fold and sew around your pocket portion.

    Tool Belt 4

    Place the pocket on top of the base and attach leaving the top side open.

    Tool Belt 5

    Sew a straight line down the pocket piece to make separate sections.

    Tool Belt 6

    To attach the tool loops sew one edge down. Then loop it around to make a circle.

    Tool Belt 7 Tool Belt 8

    Repeat for the second loop, add some tools and you are finished!

    Tool Belt 9




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    Pottery Barn Kids Inspired Plush Turtle

    During a recent trip to Pottery Barn Kids, my youngest was obsessed with this patchwork turtle here. I thought, this is something I could easily make for him. But it was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. In the end it turned out good. If you are brave, feel free to follow again.

    Plush Turtle 12

    I started by drawing my own pattern. This was the hard part, due to my lack of drawing skills. After several tries, I finally got it right. (In the photos below you my notice that the legs, head and tail look different than this pattern. Those were each apart of my first attempt.)

    Plush Turtle 2

    Click the image above for the free PDF link to this pattern. Please download the file to ensure proper print sizing. When printing, make sure that Page Scaling is set to “Fit Printable Area” and Borderless Printing is selected. Check that the one inch square measures one inch to have the pattern the correct size. Assume a 1/4 seam allowance.


    After cutting out the pattern, I pinned it to the fabric. The shell and base piece were cut on the fold.

    Plush Turtle 3

    Plush Turtle 1

    For the appendages, I paired the pieces, front side of fabric together and sewed three sides leaving the top edge open.

    Plush Turtle 4

    Using my trusty Scooby Doo pencil, I turned and stuffed the legs, head and tail.

    Plush Turtle 5

    Next, I sewed up the ends of each.

    Plush Turtle 6

    To make the outer shell, each triangular piece was sewn to the next one to make a circle.

    Plush Turtle 7

    I pinned the head, tail, and legs in place, to the top shell.

    Plush Turtle 8

    With the top shell placed face down on the base, the appendages were tucked in and then I sewed around the circle, leaving a small opening.

    Plush Turtle 9

    Through the small opening, the turtle was turned right side out. (Here is were my seam ripper was put to work over time,until I got the pattern the way I liked it.)

    Plush Turtle 10

    Finally, the shell was stuffed and the opening was hand stitch up.

    Plush Turtle 11

    This project took long than I was hoping, but my little man loves it and that is all that matters.

    Plush Turtle 13

    What type of DIY toys do you make for your kids?



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    Felt Flower Headband

    Every once in awhile, my daughter likes to be a little girly. And what better way to girl it up a bit, than with a pretty little flower on top of her head. This cute felt flower headband can be made in tons of colors and are great as gifts too. The best part is that they are super cheap. Like less than $.25 each.

    Flower Headband 1

    To make these pretty headbands, you will need:
    – Felt
    – Headband
    – Flower Template (I just free handed a five petal flower on some paper and cut it out.)
    – Fabric Pen or Washable Marker
    – Scissors (Preferably not chewed by the dog.)
    – Hot Glue Gun

    Flower Headband 2

    Trace your flower template onto the felt to make 6 flowers and cut each one out. Mark a “+” in the middle of one flower. (This will be the base and all of the other pieces will be attached to it.)

    Flower Headband 3

    This next part is kind of hard to explain, so I whipped up a diagram in Photoshop to help. Hopefully, it doesn’t confuse you more. Starting with one flower (not the base,) fold it in half from right to left. Next, fold it again from bottom to top. It should have a right angle point.

    Flower Headband 4

    Then, glue it into the spot labeled 1 on the diagram, lining it up with the “+” on the base piece.

    Flower Headband 5

    Continue to fold the other flower pieces in the same fashion and use hot glue to attach them to the base in positions 2, 3, and 4.

    Flower Headband 6

    The last flower piece will be folded the same as the previous ones, but it will be glued right into the middle of the flower with the point down.

    Flower Headband 7

    After it is dry, pull of any stray pieces of glue and the headband is ready to wear. Doesn’t it look cute?!

    Flower Headband 8