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Beat the Summer Heat with an Ice Block Treasure Hunt

My kids will start their new school year in about three weeks. But until then, we are doing whatever we can to stay cool in this 90 degree weather we’ve been having. I have been sneaking my kids’ toys and freezing them in a bowl of water to beat the summer heat with an ice block treasure hunt. I have seen this project done a few different places across the web and my kids have enjoyed it so much that I wanted to spread the joy.

Beat the Summer Heat with an Ice Treasure Hunt


Plastic toys
Freezer safe bowls
Wooden Hammer
Bowl of warm water

Step 1:
Place the plastic toy in a freezer safe container.

Fun Kid Outdoor Activity

Step 2:
Add enough water to the bowl to cover toy completely.

Freeze and Thaw Toys

Step 3:
Place the bowl in the freezer. I usually do more than one at a time and let them freeze overnight.

Ice Treasure Hunt

Step 4:
Take the bowl out of the freezer and gently remove the ice block from the container. If you are having a hard time releasing the ice from the bowl, scoop a little Luke-warm water on the bottom. My kids work in their water table. I find that it is a lot less mess this way. If you do not have a water table, I am sure a plastic container would do just fine too.

*Do not hit glass container with hammer. That never turns out good. Trust me.

Water Table Ideas

Step 5:
Use hammer, Luke-warm water, and scoop to thaw the ice and free the toy.

Science Activity for Kids

Freeze Toys in Ice

Well, that’s all there is to it. Pretty simple huh? My kids LOVE this so much that they can get hours of enjoyment out of it each time we do it.


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