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Easy Drop Cloth Dog Bed (Washable Too!)

I’ve been kind of slacking when it comes to blogging and social media lately. To be honest, I’ve just felt overwhelmed with school and extracurricular activities starting for the kids. Plus, we decided to add a puppy to our family and that has been keeping us hopping. Trying to work in the time to get projects finished (or even started) has been difficult. Luckily, I found some time to whip up this easy drop cloth dog bed that is also washable!

Easy Drop Cloth Dog Bed

That cutie up above is our sweet little golden retriever pup, Harper. I knew when we brought her home that in addition to her crate, I wanted a special place for her to lounge and nap when we were just hanging out. Dog beds from pet stores seem to be ridiculously over priced and there aren’t really many neutral options, which is what we wanted. So I decided to make this one from a couple of cheap pillows and some drop cloth, which brought the total cost of this puppy bed to around $13.

Drop Cloth Pillows

To start, I removed the drop cloth from the package and ran it through the washer and dryer. (I like to bleach my drop clothes to neutralize the small colored threads in them and washing the fabric helps to soften it some.)

Wash Bleach Drop Cloth

While I waited for the dryer to finish, I hand stitched the two pillows together, overlapping the corners just a bit and also stitching in the middle to really secure them together.

Sew Two Pillows Together

Once the drop cloth was dry, I cut it in half length wise and ironed it. Next, I placed the joined pillows together on top and wrapped the fabric around to figure out the approximate size the cover would need to be. I wanted an envelope closure (here’s a really good tutorial), so that the pillows could easily be removed and the fabric washed if it got dirty. After I lined everything up, I trimmed off more excess fabric.

Large Pillow Cover

Then it was time to sew. Since one edge was already finished, I only had to hem one side.

Sewing Pillow Cover

After that, I turned the fabric inside out, lined everything up, and stitched along the top and bottom seams.

Measuring Pillow Size

Finally, I inserted the pillows and the bed was finished!

Washable Drop Cloth Dog Bed

Harper loves her new bed! I’ve found her lounging on top and chewing on a toy a couple of times and she has even fallen asleep there several times.

Large Puppy Bed

Now if we could just get this potty training thing figured out!

Cute Puppy Dog Drop Cloth Bed


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